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Black Again Plastic Cleaner Protector

Black Again Plastic Cleaner Protector Review

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Excellent restorer for black plastic parts.


Let’s start off with a really nice product.

This stuff is great!

I’ve been searching for years for a replacement for my old standby, The Wax Shop’s “Bumper Black”, which seems to be incredibly hard to find — and also very expensive when you do find it.

I’ve tried a zillion products in this genre. My garage is full of bottles — Turtle Wax “Wet ‘n Black”; Mother’s “Back to Black”; Armor All; Black Magic and more, but Black Again beats ’em all hands down.

My bikes have acres of black plastic that seem to start fading as soon as I turn on the light in the garage. And the sun blasting down on a bike that’s parked outside all day seems to turn plastic motorcycle bits to dust in no time.

I knew something was different as soon as I opened the bottle. Black Again is a clear, very thick, kind of gooey liquid that has about the same consistency as honey. But you can tell the difference as soon as you apply it.

A bit hard to spread, it imparts a shiny, wet look to plastic parts, and takes a few minutes to dry. The directions actually tell you to park your bike in the sunshine for a while for its ultra-violet protection to activate.

Now all of these plastic renewal products make the parts look wet and shiny at first, but it’s been my experience that it’s a mirage — a couple of hours later, the look is gone, not to mention any supposed UV protection. Not Black Again.

I was amazed at how good my saddlebags and top box looked after a treatment. And it stayed that way for a long time afterwards. It actually seems like it sinks right in to the plastic, rather than simply lay a wet-look coat on the surface. It’s hard to tell from these photos, but the difference is pretty amazing.

Bottom line: I’m going to end up with a lot more room on the shelves in my garage — I’m dumping all of the others and keeping Black Again!

Bag before Bag after
Here’s a “before” shot of a saddlebag — the photos don’t do it justice, but you can see how the plastic looks faded and kind of powdery. Here’s the topbox after a single Black Again treatment. You can see how much better the section on the right looks (from the blue arrows towards the right). It stayed this way for many days after the treatment.
Top box before Top box after
Here’s a “before” shot of the topbox. Here’s another angle — you can see how well the Black Again worked on the bag. The best part is that it stayed that way after treatment for much longer than any other product of its type.
Top box
Here’s the “after” shot — it’s hard to tell in the photo because of the glare from the sky, but you can see the section in the upper left hand corner that was coated with Black Again.


Does a great job at restoring black plastic and lasts much longer than Armor All.

wBW Review: Black Again Plastic Cleaner Protector
Manufacturer: Hawg-Wash List Price: $6.95
Review Date: 2005 (?) Made In: U.K.
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