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Bike simulator ideal for isolation

American Motorcycle Simulator computer game

If you have to self-isolate during the current pandemic, then we suggest reading heaps of Motorbike Writer articles … or maybe playing a computer motorcycle simulator game!

There is a host of such games around and early next year they will be joined by American Motorcycle Simulator which takes you through the USA, including the famous Route 66.

Hopefully we are over the pandemic by then!

Simulator game play

The windows 64-bit simulator game is almost like a scene out of the John Travolta comedy Wild Hogs.

It features a comical main character riding around in a bandana and leather vest, going to biker bars to play pool and cards and even a girlie bar.

Remember, it’s just a game! Don’t do as this rider does and drink and ride.

You can play the game in first-person or third-person view and we imagine you can choose your bike.

In the video trailer, the rider seems to be on a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, but we imagine you can choose other bikes.

The PlayWay game also allows you to fuel up and even identify faults then take it to a garage to fix them yourself.

To pay for your fuel, bike maintenance, drinks and accommodation, you can win money playing pool and cards in bars.

According to the trailer, you also get to help a carload of young ladies fix their engine and receive a kiss as a reward!

Apart from inappropriate gender stereotyping, game features include:

  • 2446 miles (almost 4000km) to travel;
  • more than 30 motels, bars and clubs;
  • over 50 gas (fuel) stations;
  • over 100 motorcycle parts; and
  • 4 environments (fields, forests, prairies, and mountains).