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Best Motorcycle Panniers

Motorcycle panniers prove very helpful when you have to carry a lot of stuff with you on a motorcycle journey.

Suppose you are going on a road trip or camping, you will have to take a lot of things with you like tents, food, clothes, etc. A motorcycle pannier stores your stuff conveniently, hence allowing you to pack more. Here is a list of the best motorcycle panniers.

Eduristan Monsoon 3 Panniers

These panniers from the brand Eduristan use a three layer fabric.

The strong pannier is made of high quality polymers and the seams are welded, so you can rest assured that it will not experience any wear.

The first and the innermost layer is made of red vinyl so you can easily spot your stuff inside it.

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It is also water resistant so water will not get to your things. The middle layer is woven with 100D nylon.

You can fold them into separate bags and you can adjust the distance between those bags, which is 21 cm to 75cm. You can also attach shoulder straps with the panniers to easily carry around your stuff.

With a capacity of 30 liters for each bag, you have a total of 60 liters in which you can store your stuff.

The pannier’s outer surface is tough to withstand all the hard conditions such as a fall or scratch when it is rubbed against a gravelly ground. The cover will also not permanently bend like the hard panniers.

The panniers can be hold onto your bike with the ROK straps. These straps makes it easier for you to attach the panniers on your bike and then easily detach it.


Enduristan Blizzard Saddle Bags

This saddle bag from Enduristan is a perfect way to store your stuff while you travel around on your adventure type motorcycle.

There are two compression straps under the saddle bag which allow you to attach these to the sides of your motorcycle.

This saddle bag is not made messy by making use of lots of straps.

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You do not require any special rack on your bike to install these panniers on your bike.

You can carry a weight of up to 225 kg in this saddle bag. It is fully waterproof which means it will protect your stuff from getting wet in the rain. It is a three-layered pannier with the innermost layer of red vinyl color for ease of visibility. You can also adjust the distance between the two panniers.

They are wash-friendly so you can clean them once in a while to prevent it from getting dirty.

Enduristan has different sizes of blizzard saddle bags which has a capacity of 6 liters to 12 liters.

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Wolfman Rocky Mountain Saddlebags

These saddle bags are from the brand Wolfman.

This saddle bag is the improved and designer version of the old Rocky Mountain saddlebags.

There are flexible side panels in this saddlebag which allows you extra storage.

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You can now pack more than what you could do earlier with a normal touring saddle bag. The capacity of this Rocky Mountain ranges from 13 liters to 33 liters.

There are extra straps where you can store the fuel cans and roll bottles. It has top compression buckles which are 2 inches wide. There are four D-ring buckles which will keep the panniers placed on the side racks and will not allow them to get loose.

This pannier is made of 1680 D custom vinyl coated ballistic nylon and the interior liner of the bag is water resistant. There are extra straps for holding fuel bottles. There is a reflective strip on the back of the helmet which gives maximum visibility.

The quality of this saddlebag is terrific. The heavy duty nylon used in this pannier makes it the right choice for adventure sports. You can install these panniers on any bike. These panniers come with universal straps which allows you to attach them on any motorcycle.

Wolfman Enduro Saddlebags

The saddle bag from Wolfman is perfect for enduro and dual sports motorcycles.

It allows you to store maximum things while interfering the least with your movements on the motorcycle.

There are internal stiffeners in this pannier which will make it sit tight on your bike and not fall loose even during harsh conditions.

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It has a roll over top with a wide zipper, so you can easily load and unload your stuff. Along with the main storage, there is also a pocket on the outside of the pannier for quick access of small things. There is a pocket inside the bag as well to keep important things for you to easily find them later on.

The straps used for mounting the saddle bag onto the bike are replaceable. There are additional eight D-ring straps in which you can easily store duffle bags, fuel cans, etc.

There is reflective webbing given on the rear side of the bag which will allow your bag to be visible even during the night time.

The entire bag is waterproof, even the roll-over top of the bag, so you will not have to worry about water or moisture getting inside the saddle bag.

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SW-MOTECH Dakar Waterproof Soft Saddlebags and Mounts

The saddle bag is from the brand SW Motech.

These Dakar saddle bags will be your trusted travel mate even on a long and demanding journey.

The pannier uses a two layer fabric, in which the outer layer is made of a tough material and the inner liner is made of a softer material which will also provide resistance against water, so your things are safe from water or any kind of moisture inside the bag.

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The inside of the bag is given a honey comb shape for rigidity.

It is a hard type of motorcycle pannier and you can easily attach it on your bike with the given cam style straps used for fastening it on the side carrier of the bike. You can carry extra baggage easily with the given daisy chain on the outer corners of the pannier. There are additional 3 D-rings for carrying extra bags safely.

The capacity of one of the panniers is 32 liters and each bag weigh 3.5 pounds.

The saddle bag is suitable to withstand rough and tough conditions. It is built to last with the heavy duty 1680 D ballistic nylon.

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Tusk Aluminium Pannier Boxes

This hard pannier boxes pair is from the brand Tusk.

The panniers are made of strong aluminium which is also very durable.

You can take them for adventure riding without any worries.

They are made to get through the rough conditions.

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The outer surface of the pannier is finished with powder coating. There are two locks on both the boxes which comes with a key. Hence, your stuff is really very secure as no one else can touch it apart from you.

The lid of both the boxes is also made of aluminium which does not allow the water get into the box, keeping your things dry. There are four bolt-on footman loops on the lid to securely hold the additional items.

This aluminium pannier from Tusk can be installed on almost all brands of motorcycles’ pannier racks. The weight of this pannier is 17 pounds. It is definitely heavy as it is a hard pannier made from aluminium.

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Nelson Rigg Survivor Saddle Bag

This stylish saddle bag is from the brand Nelson Rigg.

This saddle bag is your perfect companion for travelling if you are riding on any adventure or dual sport kind of motorcycle.

This survivor saddle bag is made from tarpaulin PVC, which is a very durable material.

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The entire bag is waterproof so everything inside the saddle bag is safe from the rain water. The exterior of the saddle bag is coated with high quality paint so there will not be any abrasion or scratching on its surface.

The seam of the bag is welded so they are strong and will not let go. These saddle bags will not slip off the motorcycle even when you are speeding up. There is a back plate on the interior of the saddle bag which gives this bag rigidity and makes it firmly stand on the side carriers.

You can close this saddle bag with the roll closure on it. It is air tight and it makes sure that no water goes inside the bag. It is a very lightweight saddle bag; it only weighs 3.9 pounds.

You can easily install them onto your bike using the wide hook loops given on the back side of the bag. You can attach the additional baggage with the extra D-rings. This saddle bag can hold up to 27.53 liters.




Givi Saddlebag

This saddle bag from the brand Givi is waterproof.

It also gives away the young and energetic vibes due to the use of the bright green color in it.

The weight of this Givi saddle bag is only 4.8 pounds.

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The dimension of this bag is 26.5 x 13 x 15 inches. This saddle bag is very light in weight and will not add much to the heaviness of the motorcycle. It only weighs around 6 pounds.

The fluorescent green color on the bike allows it to be highly visible even in the darkest hours. The saddle bag is made of 500 D tarpaulin PVC. The seams are not stitched; they are welded so the water does not have any way to enter into the bag.

You can close this saddle bag using the roll over top closure which is also water resistant. This bag comes with a carrying strip to carry it around. The capacity of this bag is 25 liters.

Brooks Pannier System

This pannier system from the house of Brooks is a classic white set of two panniers.

This pannier system is made of aluminum, which is 2mm thick, stainless steel and anodized silver.

The right pannier can store up to 41 liters and the left can carry about 38 liters.

The corners of these panniers are reinforced for extra protection from impacts.

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It is a hard pannier, so obviously it will be heavier and will add the weight to your bike while you are riding. This whole pannier system weighs around 30 pounds. It is only suitable for BMW motorcycle models like F800, F700GS, and F650GS.

The pannier system protects your stuff from water, dust, and any other damage. It is built to deal with the rough conditions. The straps used in the panniers are of heavy-duty nylon. It uses a trap system for installation on your bike. You can just turn the lock to remove them from your bike.

Tusk Aluminium Panniers

These large panniers are from the brand Tusk.

Each box in this pannier system is 15.5 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

Both the boxes together can store 74 liters.

The pannier is made of top class aluminium.

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The aluminium used in these panniers is 0.85 inches thick. The thickness of the aluminium is not much, hence the weight of these pannier boxes is also not that much. It only weighs 11 pounds. The finishing done on the outer surface of the pannier is with the powder coat.

The pannier system can be installed on the side racks of the motorcycles of almost all brands. It will be better if you place them on the pannier racks made by Tusk, but it really does not matter.
There are locks on the panniers for safely keeping your things in them. There are in total 4 locks altogether on both the panniers.

Nelson Rigg SE-3050 Saddle Bags

These saddle bags from the brand Nelson Rigg are made from 24 oz tarpaulin PVC, which is a very durable material.

The saddle bags are also waterproof to keep all your stuff dry even in the rain.

The seam of this saddlebag is welded for extra safety from water.

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There is a back plate inside the bag to give it rigidity. Each bag can store up to 27.53 liters.
The entire liner can be removed. You can pack your things inside the liner and then place it back into the saddle bag. The outer surface of the saddle bag is UV coated which protects it from tear and scratches.