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2014 webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards

The 10th Annual Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards! Best Wishes for a Great 2015!

December 31, 2014 – Best wishes to all of our visitors, contributors and affiliates for a happy, healthy, joyous and prosperous 2015!

This January marks the 15th year that webBikeWorld has been online and we hit another milestone in December of 2014: our 1,500th review was posted!

The webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards are another webBikeWorld New Year’s tradition. This is a time to recognize our favorite motorcycle products and accessories, chosen from all of the interesting gear we reviewed in the prior year.

wBW Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards

The criteria for the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year is pretty simple: We choose what we like. These are the products that, for one reason or another, have stood out among their competitors.

The Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards are designed to give recognition to the products which, in our opinion, combine the most unique, interesting and useful features along with good value to make them leaders in their class.

Like the webBikeWorld product reviews, the Product of the Year Awards are completely subjective. There’s no science to this; just the illogic of hot-blooded emotion. You may or may not agree with our choices and that’s perfectly fine.

Note that the award categories vary from year to year, depending upon the products and our whimsy. Also, there may be more than one winner in each category, again depending upon the number and quality of the products reviewed during the year.

Thanks to YOU!

As always, webBikeWorld wouldn’t be what it is without the millions of visitors from around the world who support the site. And the hard-working evaluators, reviewers and contributors who deliver the detailed reviews.

The variety of your opinions and our content are what make such a valued resource for millions of visitors from over 200 countries around the world.


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I have deliberately kept advertising to a minimum, with a focus on the product reviews, and will keep on doing that as long as you continue to use the webBikeWorld affiliate links to buy products, which generates the only revenue we have to keep the site running.

So please continue to click through any of the webBikeWorld Affiliate links you’ll find on the website to purchase all of your gear from these outstanding retailers. And don’t forget: by doing so, you’ll get the best deals and the best customer service in the business.

Best Wishes for the New Year!

From all of us to all of you, best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2015!

Rick Korchak
Owner, Editor and Publisher

webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year

webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year

2014 Motorcycle Product of the Year: Nexx SWITX SX.10
Five Star Award

Nexx SWITX SX.10 Helmet Colors

This one’s easy: there’s nothing like the Nexx SWITX SX.10 (review), a truly revolutionary product that redefines the motorcycle helmet.

“SWITX” is cute marketing-speak for “switch” and for the SX.10, that means you can switch helmet colors on a whim.

Not only that, but the fittings and hardware colors can be changed and all of this is easily accomplished without the use of tools.

The SWITX SX.10 is lightweight, comfortable and a lot of fun to use and that’s what it’s all about.

There’s no doubt that the Nexx SWITX SX.10 is one of the most unique and ground-breaking products we’ve ever seen.

That’s why we’re awarding it both the overall webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year and Motorcycle Helmet of the Year!

webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year: Communications System

Motorcycle Communications System of the Year: Interphone F5MC
Five Star Award

Interphone F5MC Intercom

2014 could have been called “The Year of the Intercom”, making for a difficult choice but there was one standout: the Interphone F5MC (review).

Top-of-the-line intercoms (aka “communication systems”) have an extensive feature set that can be complex and difficult to use.

But the Interphone F5MC makes it easy with its helpful “Voice Wizard” spoken status announcements that are just a step beyond the other manufacturers’ systems, guiding owners through every menu choice.

The F5MC also has outstanding sound quality; a good built-in FM Radio; “Anycom” ability to pair with other brands and lots more, edging it past the competition.

That’s why the Interphone F5MC is the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Communications System of the Year!

webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year: Clothing

Motorcycle Clothing of the Year: Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Outfit
Five Star Award

Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Jacket

Fieldsheer has been a popular brand, known by motorcyclists for many years for solid clothing at very reasonable prices.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough to stand out in the crowded marketplace of competitors who had exactly the same strategy.

The brand then disappeared off the radar screens for some time but came roaring back in 2014 with a reinvigorated mission by its owner, Helmet House, the U.S. distributor.

And what a re-entry it was!

The Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Jacket (review) and Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Pants (review) are far and above anything sold under the Fieldsheer brand in the past.

And when you can buy an entire outfit with this many features for less than the price of a jacket, you know it’s also a super value.

That’s why the new Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Jacket and Pants outfit gets the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Clothing Product of the Year Award!

webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year: Action Camera

Motorcycle Action Camera of the Year: Sena Prism
Five Star Award

Sena Prism Action Camera

We had a bunch of action cameras come through the evaluation process this year with two more reviews currently in the queue (SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi and ReplayXD PrimeX).

But the Sena Prism (review) is the standout, with excellent video quality and an array of mounting hardware that’s second to none.

And that’s not all: the Prism connects with your Sena Bluetooth intercom to allow you to control the camera as you ride!

Starting and stopping video recording with the press of a button makes for a completely different action camera experience and you can even record a voiceover or intercom communications with your riding group.

About the only thing missing is a live view, but Sena is working on that too and we have no doubt they’ll deliver.

That’s why the Sena Prism is the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Action Camera of the Year!

webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year: Accessories

Motorcycle Accessory of the Year: Arboreal Systems Neutrino
Five Star Award

Arboreal Systems Neutrino

The Arboreal Systems Neutrino (review) is another ground-breaking product.

It’s the world’s first smartphone-controlled power delivery system for motorcycles.

It has six configurable circuits that allow you to connect and manage lighting systems, heated clothing circuits, GPS, radio, power outlets and other accessories.

The Neutrino eliminates or reduces the need for those pesky fuses, fuse blocks, relays, switches and controllers making a rat’s nest under the seat for your accessories.

The smartphone app is now available in both iOS and Android versions, making it even more useful.

The Neutrino points the way to the future of motorcycle device wiring and connectivity and that’s why it gets the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Accessory of the Year award!

Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2015!

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