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Badass Motorcycle Art by gaetano_sole

If you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet design unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, then you must check out the Instagram profile of artist, Gaetano Sole. He is on Instagram as gaetano_sole.

Gaetano describes his artwork as “different and irreverent” in his profile. This could not be closer to the truth. In looking specifically at the designs he has done on riding helmets, the attention to detail is absolutely mind-blowing. The artist not only includes photos of his final work, but also includes photos of the helmets in the middle of his process, some with only a basic sketch outlined. It’s awesome to see this transition.

So many awesome designs to choose from, but here are just a few of our favorites:



The designs are edgy and psychedelic, as they seem to transport you to another world simply by laying eyes upon the designs. The combination of colors used seem to pop and help to bring the visuals to life. The fact that these designs are brought to life on a simple, standard motorcycle helmet is the mark of a true artist. Anyone who loves to ride would be thrilled to have one of these awesome and one of a kind designs.

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