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Badass Motorcycle Art by chikos_pinstriping

A good motorcycle helmet is a must-have not only for the safety and security it provides while you’re on a ride, but also for giving you that added bit of style that you seek to showcase your personality. If your helmet is a little dull and in need of a facelift, you’ll want to check out the Instagram profile of chikos_pinstriping.

Chikos_pinstriping specializes in custom painting and pinstriping on motorcycles and motorcycle helmets. This helmet artwork is unique, with a distinct style that you will notice right away. Who wouldn’t want to wear such an eye-catching design while cruising down the road?

Take a look at some of our favorites from chikos_pinstriping:

One recurring theme that you’ll notice among these photos is the great use of lettering. It’s clear to see that lettering of different styles, sizes, and colors is a strength and niche of this artist. If you’re seeking to add a mantra or message to your helmet, you’ll definitely want to stay in the loop.

However, it’s not just the motorcycle helmet art that stands out. Chikos_pinstriping also does great work on the bikes themselves, along with other mediums.

Want to learn more? Don’t delay! Head over to the chikos_pinstriping Instagram page and check out the full collection!