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Awesome Motorcycle Helmet Face Masks

Awesome Motorcycle Helmet Face Masks

Motorcycle Helmet Face Masks

Ever been hit in the face by a June Bug going 70 mph? Me too. (if you haven’t, you have not been riding long enough). It sucks, but it is like a small badge of honor to tell the tale. The one split my upper lip wide open; THAT was a story.

Goggles will keep them out of your eyes, face masks will keep them out of your mouth. So if you have not had yourself a june-bug breakfast, you must not be riding enough 🙂 Because I like to wear a Half-Helmet (or no helmet at all, depending on the laws), I started looking around for a cool face mask to go with my custom helmet; here is what I found.

The are 7 different categories of masks that you can wear on your head should you choose to protect it with a face-mask. We’ll get into the pro’s and con’s shortly. Here is a quick visual of these types of masks:

Leather Face Masks

We love leather here at Badass Helmet Store. It is great quality, comfortable and lasts a long time. When it comes to leather face masks finding a leather mask isn’t hard with Etsy and Amazon full of sellers. There are also some amazing artists doing crazy things with leather face masks. Below we found three examples of the most extreme leather masks. We even went deeper and created an in depth post on some of the best Leather Face Masks that will turn any old biker into a Badass.

Cool Motorcycle Leather Masks Gallery

Three Leather Face Masks to Buy

motorcycle leather face maskLeather Biker Mask

Biker leather mask with canvas inserts and filters on both sides. Edges of the mask are finished with a soft leather cord.  It’s well made and it allows to breathe nicely. The whole outside part has softly realistic weathering.  This would make an excellent addition to any post apocalyptic costume, cosplay, masquerade, or SCA and LARPing event. All handmade, hand stitched.

Biker Chopper Touring Mask

Want to go out from the boring thing!!! Want your unique style!!! Want to make your own style when you ride your cool bike. Here we are ‘Race Kill’ to help you fulfill your look and protect you.  100% hand made with best cowhide. -Interior with softer suede leather. -2 elastic strap ,very comfortable.

Leather Face MaskD & D Exhaust Winter Mask

This is a mask with chic design and high quality, featured by Pu Leather material, safe and good respiratory protection. elastic ear loop for size adjustment, This is a mask can not only bring your comfort, protect u from dust, but also bring you fashion.

Neoprene Face Masks

These are typically worn in cold weather because they have a really good wind resistance to them. One drawback to the neoprene mask is that they do not off much coverage of the neck area like a full baklava does. Aside from that, the material is suitable to be printed on so some cool designs are made with this style of face mask.

Cool Neoprene Face Masks Gallery

Three Leather Face Masks to Buy

2 pc set Neoprene Steampunk Mask & Goggles

This listing is for a filter lined neoprene dust mask with velcro closure and metal adjustable nose guard. Along with a matching pair of ‘no-vent’, anti dust goggles with face padding and adjustable elastic straps.The dust filter is replaceable. It is great value as it comes with the Face MASK and Matching Chrome-Look ‘No Vent’ GOGGLES.

Burning Man Mask

Perfect combination for hot, dusty environments like Burning Man, Wasteland, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle…etc. Also ideal for snowboarding, snow skiing, wet, and cold weather. Wind, water and dust resistant neoprene. Light weight for comfort and great, easy breathe-ability.


ZANheadgear WNFM114H Black Neoprene Half Face Mask

ZANheadgear Black Neoprene Half Mask

Neoprene half face mask features coverage of your nose and lower face. Solid black neoprene half face mask has been lined with black stretch nylon trim. Stretchy neoprene material is warm and water resistant. Patterns are reversible to solid black material. Velcro closure ensures great fit with goggles, with or without a helmet.


Pronounced “bal·a·cla·va” – the term comes from an early early British war referred to as the Battle of Balaclava. In short, the troops were cold and need something to protect freezing cold faces, necks, and noses. Today, these are very popular to wear while snowmobiling, skiing, and motorcycling. “If you wait for the perfect day, you will always be waiting.

Three Motorcycle Balaclavas o Buy

Chaos CTR Tempest Multi Tasker Pro Micro Fleece Balaclava

This winter balaclava is made with high quality thermal fleece that protects head, face, nose and neck from the cold. The 4-way stretch polyester and long length can comfortably fit most sized heads of both men and women. Perfect for those cold winter days when the dog needs to be walked or when snow removal duties call.

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Tactical Hood

ColdGearInfrared uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb and retain your own body heat. Form-fitting balaclava offers full facial protection in extreme cold . Also can be worn with the chin dropped or as a neck gaiter for greater ventilation. ColdGearEvo fabric delivers ridiculous warmth and superior comfort. 4-way stretch fabrication allows greater mobility and maintains shape. Material wicks sweat & dries really fast.

CTR Tempest Multi Tasker Pro Micro Fleece Balaclava

Tempest items are all made using MicroFlex fleece. MicroFlex fleece is a lightweight stretch fleece that provides lasting warmth and comfort. Not to mention its wicking properties help draw moisture away from the body. This fleece allows us to provide competitively priced items while still getting great performance features.


Tube style face and neck wear is more lightweight than the balaclava or neoprene mask. These are made from Polyester Microfiber that is easy to print custom designs onto. Being very small and easy to pack, I always keep a few tucked away in my bags for when I’m riding at night (bugs) and if I get caught in the rain and want to push through. They really take the edge off of that needle point rain (you know what I’m talking about if you have ever gotten caught in the rain).

Cool Tube Style Face Mask Gallery

Tube Style Face Masks to Buy

There are so many style of tube-style face masks that we recommend you just check out all the styles from the  Hoorag Designs team here.


Made out of a blend of cotton and usually another synthetic material, these lighter-weight mask pull a medium duty right in the middle of the balaclava and the tube style mask. The one that I am wearing to the left is from Savages Biker Apparel. 

More of a “classic” look, “Harley-guys” wear these the most in not-so-favorable conditions. Also easy to print, the styles on these are only limited by the imagination. Some have velcro added so you don’t even have to bother tying them up just right. And the ladies love these for quickly fixing that Helmet Hair Look. 

Hard Plastic Face Masks

Sometimes a 2D print on a cloth facemask just isn’t going to stand out the way that you want it to. Enter the 3D plastic mask. These started as paintball masks because of the impact resistance that they have and quickly migrated into the motorcycling world. I mean, just look at them….

The Beardski

While it’s technically not a face mask for a motorcycle (neither are the airsoft masks above), I did see a guy wearing one last spring and it looked awesome on the road. He may have beefed up the straps a little just to keep it on.

Shop all the Beardski designs and colors here.

Regardless of what you choose to wear, there are plenty of different and/or unique options. For just a few bucks, I would suggest that you keep something available to throw on your ugly mug.

Sometimes, when you can’t find anything you like on for sale, you just need to go ahead and make one for yourself.

Custom Face Masks

The removable facemasks off of the Bell Rogue Helmet and the Shark Raw Helmet are easy to customize with a little creativity and some paint.

Summing it up.

With a face mask you are able to beat back those bat-sized June bugs in the early summer. Depending on the size and shape of your head, there is no one that is better for you than the other. Too cold, get a warmer thicker one. Too hot, pick up a tube-style thinner mask. Your just going to have to experiment and see what works for you. Besides the wind and bug defense, these will take the bite out of the next rain storm you will get caught in.