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Aussies aid wheelchair bound former rider

Wheelchair rider Boris Ivančić  seeks badges, patches

Aussie contributions have been flooding in for a Croation rider who was sidelined into a wheelchair in 2008 by an incurable muscle weakness disease.

Earlier this year Boris Ivančić called for help to collect motorcycle badges, patches, stickers and flags.

These badges and patches have arrived from Australia.

badges patches

“I wish to thank all you Aussies and all brothers and sisters from all around the world for your support,” Boris says.

“It means a lot for me when I waked up, my first words are ‘The postman?’ That says it all.”

Boris’s room with his updated collection

Wheelchair bound

Boris has been a rider since his teens, but contracted Lou Gehrig’s disease and has only been riding his wheelchair for the past 11 years.Wheelchair rider Boris Ivančić  seeks badges, patches

“My condition stopped my body riding a bike but didn’t stop me being a biker in my mind – forever and eternal,” he says.

“I do have things which are making lonely days bright — my friends and my hobby.

“This hobby of mine is collecting patches, stickers, flags and motorcycle group labels from all over the world.

“My wish is to get as many as I can.”

Wheelchair rider Boris Ivančić  seeks badges, patches
Boris and friends

Boris has decorated the wall of his house in Klis with more than 1000 pieces of motorcycle memorabilia and he still has plenty of walls to spare.

If you can help Boris fulfil his dream, send your badges, patches, etc to Boris Ivančić at Gizdići 46, 21 231 Klis, Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Croatia EU.

Aussie patches and badges for Boris
More Aussie patches and badges for Boris


Lou Gehrig’s disease

Wheelchair rider Boris Ivančić  seeks badges, patches
Lou Gehrig

The debilitating disease is named after famous American baseball player Lou Gehrig.

It’s actually amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, which is an incurable neuromuscular illness. 

The disease forced Lou Gehrig to retire from pro baseball at the age of 36. He died from the disease two years later. 

There is still no known cause nor cure for the disease.

It is painless, noncontagious, but cruel with the body failing and the mind fully aware to the end.

  1. I did see some guy pointing in your direction in Isolation Chopperz, but don´t know if it will reach you there, so i copy it here too. I have friends with dignoses that that keep them from riding, so I get your point now, and I´ll be damned, but I cant find any decals on my old club now. It´s that kind of thing that shows up whenever you open some drawers, but now….nope, not a chance! But if I find one, I got your adress here. And I don´t know if it´s something that could make your day a little better, but I´ve saved thousands of biker photos in one group, named “Freakade Foton” here in Fb, just photos in albums, one after another then. From the swedish biker scene from the sixties and up, if you´re interested. We, “Mothers Freaks”, were among the first chopper clubs here in Sweden, together with Choppers MC, Sofia Hogs and some more, so there are something like 50 years of biker history in that photos. Ps. I did work some years with 60 guys from Croatia, and a friend owning the company were born in Croatia too, and i did like them as they were cool and easygoing people, and there were some bikers among them too. Mostly from Split and that surroundings, so if that´s people you are in contact with, you can say hello from the guy who where fireman at the wharf/docks here in Gothenburg. They were up here to rebuild ships, and they will remember me by my driving, no doubt about it…lol. It was before 2008 and the world economy crisis, but easily remembered as a good time together.

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