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Aussie Quad Lock Launches Smart Charger

Phone Mounts Just Got Smarter

Quad Lock fork stem m mount

My Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport features an Aussie-designed Quad Lock sitting proudly atop the handlebars.

It not only securely holds my iPhone so I can use it as a satnav, but also charges as I ride with a wireless charger hooked up via a long lead to the USB outlet under my seat.

However, that charging only works when the bike is switched on and it may not be totally waterproof although it hasn’t faulted yet.

Now the clever guys at Quad Lock have introduced a $A49.95 Smart Adaptor that they claim is waterproof, which is great for those on adventure bikes who may wade through water.

The device has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating or rating of IP66.

The first number measures protection from foreign bodies such as dust with 6 being the highest, while the second from 0-9 measures resistance to water, so it’s pretty good. Click here for more details.

It also features the option to have the device charged anytime the phone is on the mount, or only when the ignition is on or an auto mode.

The latter “smart” mode keeps the device switched off until input voltage rises above 13.5V and turns off when input voltage drops below 12.5V to avoid draining your battery drain.

You can easily switch between modes using the toggle. 

It also has in-line fuse and reverse polarity protection in the rare event of a fault. It can be hooked up to a USB outlet or your 12V bike battery.

I love the convenience my Quad Lock offers, but I recommend you also fit their vibration dampener as motorcycle vibrations can cause the camera in some iPhones to stop focusing and it’s not covered by your phone warranty.