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Australian model launches BMW model


Australian model and motorcycle rider Rhian Paige helped BMW Motorrad launch its self-balancing Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle.

Paige worked for some time at Morgan & Wacker motorcycle dealership in Brisbane in marketing the BMW and Harley-Davidson brands. She has also worked with both brands in Australia and the USA.

She was recently in the spotlight with the now famous self-balancing, “crashproof” BMW Vision bike.

Read all about the bike and see the video here

“Apart from the technology and relevance for the future, it’s stunningly beautiful because it’s so different,” says the Aussie actor, dancer, singer and model.

“I’m a big fan of riding, and very comfortable around the bikes and the riders. I really enjoyed the chance to help explain the features, and the thinking behind the Vision Next 100.”BMW Vision Next 100 balancing bike

A startling highlight of the new machine is that the Vision Next 100 will be self-balancing. In certain situations, the BMW Motorrad active-assistance systems of the future will enhance stability and safety by automatically balancing the motorcycle, both out on the road and when stationary.

No need for a helmet

BMW claims it will be so safe, there will be no need for a helmet or protective clothing, just special goggles with all the information displayed inside like virtual-reality goggles.BMW Vision Next 100 balancing bike

Novice riders will benefit from additional guidance in all riding situations and from a bike that will never tip over. BMW says it will remain balancing when standing still, so there is no need for a side stand or to put your foot down when stopped at the lights.

Paige is impressed that such safety may free riders from the need for helmets and other safety gear, in some circumstances. “The warm wind in the hair, against the skin…it’s one of the delights of riding”, she says.

Motorbike Writer will keep an ear out for any news of the Vision Next 100 coming to Australia and New Zealand. If we’re lucky, Rhian Paige may come home for a visit with the bike.