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Aston Martin Begins Deliveries of AMB 001 Superbike

A view of the Aston Martin AMB 001

After two and a half years of waiting, Aston Martin has finally begun deliveries of their track-child, the AMB 001 superbike – and apparently, ten of the original batch are still available.

Created in collaboration with Brough Superior, the AMB 001 is a limited-run beastie that first reared its head at EICMA’s 2019 offering, stunning riders worldwide with a streamlined aesthetic, top-notch accoutrements and the fact that it punched out the same numerics in pony-pull as it boasted weight in kilos.

A view of the Aston Martin AMB 001

With 180 (now 183) horses kicking out of a 180kg V-Twin motorcycle, you can imagine the fun scoot this unit will be…especially considering that the bike’s delay in production gave Martin Superior (cough, patent pending) a wee bit of extra time to run a few final tests before unleashing the carbon-clad machine on the community proper. 

A view of the Aston Martin AMB 001

“We are happy to have met our performance targets, with a power output of 183 hp and a dry weight of 408 pounds,” enthuses Brough Superior’s president, Thierry Henriette, in a report from Robb Report

“AMB 001 is an original track bike that stirs the senses and delivers on performance…the characteristic whistle of the turbo completes the unique presence of this extraordinary motorcycle.”

A view of the Aston Martin AMB 001

With three lucky customers now in possession of their $108,000 AMB 001 and ten of the original 100 unit batch still needing a crazy kook to yoink about (here’s the registration link if you’re keen), I’d agree with Robbie and keep a weather eye out for the next James Bond movie.

Triumph may have the current contract, but pete’s sake….it’s an Aston Martin, the thing’s practically begging for a blacked-out aesthetic and coca-cola-infused Hollywood chase scene

A view of the Aston Martin AMB 001

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*Media sourced from Business Insider, Aston Martin and Robb Report*
  1. And I thought the Ducati Diavel had the title of the ugliest modern bike…
    I’m sure this AMB thing is super high-tech, but looks like out of The Alien movies.
    And that seat looks quite uncomfortable!
    It’s a “NO” from me…

  2. I do much enjoy my LiveWire but just as for ICE-powered cycles, the proper number of E-powered bikes is +1 more… When will Aston-Martin offer them to Antipodean dealers, one wonders aloud…

  3. From my perspective, that is a superb looking machine.
    Everything about it asks another question.
    What is it? How fast is it? Who makes it? Etc.
    In a cookie-cutter world, this is the one I’d buy.
    Now, can anyone donate say $108,000.00 to my “new bike” account?

    1. Dear Ian,

      I fully understand and recognize your plight, and will make sure to put in a good word for you to Santa – though he has a nasty habit of preferring candy canes and socks to the AMB Alternative, statistically speaking…so unfortunate.

      Amanda Quick

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