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Aston Martin and Brough Superior Have Teamed up on a Motorcycle

Aston Martin and Brough Superior

It’ll be a Super High-End Machine

Few names in British motoring history stand out like Aston Martin and Brough Superior. However, they’ve always been focused on different areas of the market. Aston on cars and Brough on motorcycles. Now, the two companies will work together to build a high-end motorcycle, according to RideApart.

There is very little information out there at this time about the bike. The only things that have been confirmed are that it is going to happen and that the bike will be a very low-volume machine. The bike will be shown at EICMA on November 5th. 

As far as what the bike is going to be or look like or any of that, I don’t know and nobody really does except the good folks at Aston and Brough. One thing’s for sure, though. This bike has the potential to steal the show. 

Aston is not foreign to thinking outside of the box. One time it worked with the ill-fated Scion brand (owned by Toyota) to put out a tiny (and crappy) luxury car. That project, which I thought was a joke at first, was a serious blunder. Let’s hope that this effort with Brough Superior is much better thought out.