Arai Gives Insight Into Helmet Safety Tech With New Video

Arai Helmet Tech Video
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Strictly Designed for Your Safety

Arai has lead the industry in helmet technology for what feels like ages now, providing expensive and high-quality lids to keep you and professional racers safe. From MotoGP to Formula 1, the pinnacle of performance is lead by a select few manufacturers, Arai being one of them.

“Helmets are 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and about 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries”, states the IIHS website. The difference in safety features and R&D between cheap and premium helmets is astronomical. When buying gear at the early stages of my long relationship with motorcycles, I made sure to prioritize purchasing the most expensive helmet my budget could afford, and this video will help provide you insight as to why that is so important.

I always found the bulbous design nature of the Arai helmets a little comical, but it’s for good reason as they believe that with a rounder helmet you are more likely to “glance off” of obstacles and pavement in the event of a collision or crash. As in most cases, I can’t stress this enough: SAFETY OVER STYLE.

Stay safe out there and enjoy the video.