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Allen Millyard Shows You His Viper V10 Motorcycle

Millyard V10

A Beautifully and Crazy Motorcycle

Allen Millyard is a British engineer that is known for his crazy creations. Recently, Millyard showcased his Viper V10 motorcycle that he made in 2009. He posted a video to his YouTube channel and does a pretty detailed walkaround. 

The motorcycle has done over 9,000 miles on the road, including trips to Isle of Man and Guernsey. It also did over 200 mph at Bruntinthorpe proving ground. A while back Motorcycle News test rider Bruce Dunn did 207.101 mph on the bike and the data showed a linear acceleration from zero to 207 mph. This is highly unusual due to air resistance. The bike weighs 630 kilograms (1,388 pounds) and has a 10-gallon fuel tank with a range of around 180 miles.

Millyard discusses the bike in detail and how he crafted the motorcycle to be what it is. This video is not just a look at a crazy V10-powered motorcycle, it’s a look inside the mind of one of the best engineers of our time.

This video is just part one. Millyard will release part two that will show the bike starting up and running as well as some riding footage. I’m looking forward to more videos from Millyard.