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Allen Millyard Does His Second Video on His Viper V10 Motorcycle

allen millyard viper v10

Part Two

Not too long ago, I shared a video of Allen Millyard’s Viper V10 motorcycle. For those of you who don’t know him, Millyard is a British engineer that is known for crafting some of the most impressive and crazy machines out there. This motorcycle with a Viper V10 engine at its heart is a perfect example. 

In the first video, Millyard did a detailed walkaround of the motorcycle and discussed how he did what he did. It was deeply interesting and in that video, he said he would do another video that included some riding footage of him on the bike.

Well, this is that video. Millyard goes over the pre-ride safety checks for the bike and then he takes the bike out for a ride. He said he does these pre-ride safety checks because this is no ordinary motorcycle. It’s larger and more powerful than most bikes and needs to have some special care taken.

There are also some clips from when Millyard rode to the isle of man TT in 2012. Those shots are interesting because you can see the bike riding in the rain. Millyard said in the description of the video that he had no issues with the bike other than “a couple of moments with a wayward back end!”

You can check out the full video below: