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Alarmbox may negate need for lock

Alarmbox motorcycle motion sensor alarm

The Alarmbox aftermarket motion sensor alarm could negate your need to physically lock your motorcycle with a chain or disc lock.

Many aftermarket disc locks now have similar sensors.

However, the Alarmbox is convenient as you may not need to use a physical locking system.

It is similar to the motion sensors built into the security systems on some expensive motorcycles such as Harley-Davidson models.

AlarmboxAlarmbox motorcycle motion sensor alarm

Alarmbox is made by German lock manufacturer Abus.

The rectangular unit has a three-dimensional motion sensor and can be fitted permanently to your motorcycle, or any other valuable item.

It should be positioned under the seat or somewhere out of sight, but still accessible as it is armed and disarmed by inserting a key.

If a thief moves your bike, the alarm starts quietly and builds within 15 seconds to very loud (100dB) unless the thief stops moving the bike.

This guards against disturbing the neighbourhood with a loud alarm if the bike is accidentally bumped such as when someone is parking next to you.

It is powered by a replaceable CR2 lithium battery.

The device comes in black or blue, weighs 370g and its dimensions are 18x56x84mm, so it’s about the same weight and size as a small container of butter.

The Abus Alarmbox is not yet available, but when it is, it will be priced at about $A90.

Theft warningPolice survey on motorcycle thefts

We would advise riders not rely solely on a loud alarm to save their bike as we have heard car alarms before that everybody just ignores!

Queensland Police Service statistics show that more than 95% of bikes stolen from the Brisbane area did not have any form of additional security and just under half had some type of cover over them.

We also recommend using as much security as you can, such as physical locks and chains, to avoid the rampant rise of motorcycle theft.

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