AIMExpo Set for January and Shifts to a Trade-Only Event


Notable Changes for the Big Show

We went to AIMExpo last year, rode some bikes, talked with some folks, and generally had a good time hanging out in Columbus, Ohio for a couple of days. I will certainly be going back, and Jim and Cameron may join me if they’re not off doing factory tours or some other events, but AIMExpo will be dramatically different this year

First, there’s a date change. Usually hosted in late summer or early fall, AIMExpo will now happen in winter. The date is set for January 21 to 23. It will be held at the same place, the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. The date was set for October, but the event organizers adjusted it due to the situation with COVID-19 and a need to change the nature of the event.

“Timing is everything,” said Cinnamon Kernes, vice president and general manager, MIC Events. “Transitioning to the first quarter has been part of a long-term strategic plan for AIMExpo, along with providing more focus on our core audience – dealers.  These changes not only align the show with the ideal buying time for dealers and retailers, but also provide the perfect opportunity for brands to reconnect with dealers, kicking off what will be a pivotal year for the industry, additionally, this move to January opens the door to partner with a major distributor in a much more strategic and meaningful way.”

With AIMExpo’s shift to a trade-only show, the goal is to concentrate on industry needs and education at a time when the industry is struggling. The goal is also quality over quantity, which is why the show was reduced from four days to only three. Efficiency in the industry is important and business efficiency will be a key focus of the show.

It’s unclear at this time what AIMExpo will be like. However, when January rolls around, I’ll make the drive over to Columbus to check it out and see what it’s like.