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AGV K6 helmet offers more protection

AGV K6 helmet

The new AGV K6 carbon helmet has more shell area and less visor mechanism for maximised protection, though the visor still offers peripheral vision of 190°.

It arrives in March from $699 for mono colours and $799 for multi colours.

The lightweight 1220g road helmet is based on technologies derived from the Pista GP R which is their MotoGP helmet.

K6 protectionAGV K6 helmet

The carbon-aramid fibre shell and the five different densities of EPS offer protection that is 48% greater than that required by ECE 22.05 standards regarding head injury criterion and G values.

By “G values” they are fearing to impact testing which measures acceleration of your head inside the helmet when it is dropped from a fixed height onto a spherical and flat surfaced anvil.

The standard allows a peak acceleration energy of 400 G (G being “gravity constant” or an acceleration value of ft. per second x seconds).

AGV says the visor mechanisms are “extremely limited in size to maximise the area of shell coverage, keeping safety levels at a peak across the entire surface of the helmet”.

Visor mechanisms are made of metal to increase visor impact resistance.

The 4.3mm-thick visor also comes with a 100% Max Vision Pinlock 120 anti-fogging system.

A micro-lock system allows you to securely lock the visor slightly open to increase air flow.

The profile of the helmet is designed to not hit the collarbone in a crash, an AGV invention that is now standard in racing.

Better aero

AGV also claim an improvement in aerodynamics no matter whether you are crouched forward on a sportsbike or sitting upright on a naked bike which means less neck fatigue.

They claim the dynamic weight is well balanced for a neutral feel at cruising speeds. 

The interior is made with anti-wear, waterproof fabrics on the outer layer and a breathable material that absorbs sweat for the inner.

AGV K6 should also be suitable in hot conditions with a ventilation system featuring five large air vents.