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75 of the most creative motorcycle helmets that you have ever seen

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We all love a little attention on the road. Loud pipes, neon lights, or custom paint jobs – we like a little flair in our life and I’m here to tell you that you are in good company.

So in order to get a little creative, sometimes a little inspiration is in order. And we are not talking about simply airbrushing a few more colors on there or laying down a few pinstripes and calling it “custom.”  We are talking about those unique, super creative motorcycle helmets that you just are not going to find anywhere else.

A few of the concepts below you are not going to find anywhere, but those are sprinkled in there to get your creative juices flowing on overdrive!

75 Creative Helmets


Look closely and you will see “Live Fast” on the skeleton knuckles of this 3D skull motorcycle helmet. The wings off the side look like a mix of bat and skeleton dragon with a roman-era shaped mohawk down the center of the top to a Willie G style skull on the front. And don’t forget the Ram Horns, those are popular on these creative lids. Just you wait.

Joe Vollan gets the credit on this unique helmet. 


Spiked Motorcycle Helmet by nesli-g-avci

Attaching spikes and crystal to a motorcycle helmet is way easier to say than it is to do. And making it look as good as Nesli Avci did is another level of awesome. Nice job!



Stand back ladies! The bull horns on this german helmet wearing Harley Guy will get you if your not careful. This one comes from the Trail of Tears in Waterloo a few years back.



This stormtrooper helmet is the work of TigerPause444. Looks like a combination of a scooter helmet with a novelty stormtrooper mask. Welcome to the Dark Side. He also did a white one…


stormtrooper-helmet-whiteNow that is something that even I could do (how many of you really just thought that?) Go ahead and give it a whirl, just be sure to buy a few extras for practice. He’s been at it a long time. TigerPause444 also did the Bumble Bee Helmet conversion and the Iron Man Helmet Conversion. 



Moto_Pilot put together this sick looking aviation style motorcycle helmet on a speed and strength. Check out how he made the first version here, and later upgraded it with a new mask with version 2.0 (Looks way better i think)



Love converse shoes? I mean come on, who doesn’t? This guy – Delamar Manetti – is designing some very creative motorcycle helmets from his love of shoes. Check out the different style and colors that he’s got on Instagram.



You may think that your riding buddies are a bunch of clowns, well top this one. Rekairbrush has been painting and customizing some crazy helmets for years, and these are just 3 of the clown helmets in a long list of em’. Check him out for some custom airbrushing too.



He calls it the “Skellmet.” It’s nothing like I’ve seen when it comes to Skull Helmets. His tag on IG is “ride stuff, make stuff,” and this helmet definitely shows you that he’s all about it.



This is a handmade leather helmet by “Fastnloudguy.” I’m not sure of the base model of helmet, but the custom stitching and detail on the front leather visor surround are well done.


Now an airbrushed Smiley Motorcycle Helmet wouldn’t necessarily make this list, but add a few pigtails and you are in! This creativity brought to you by Leonardo Rivas.



Speedymepurple has the right idea with this one. Adding more than one helmet accessory and custom painting a mask to go with it, and you got yourself a head turning, kid scaring, fine motorcycle helmet.



Horn Helmets by Rena’s Leather is the spot to pick up a helmet of the horned variety. Leather works, fur, and some horns and you got a viking motorcycle helmet like no one will have.



Dead Pool may get all the attention in the airbrushing helmet game. This however, is a true to its name Red Hood. Made with a see through material, it looks like the entire face of the helmet is one solid piece. Made by Ruthless FX for more cosplay than riding – you could ride a motorcycle with it and never catch a bug in the face again.

custom-bell-bullitt-motorcycle-helmet-5The Bell Bullitt has been all the rage this year in the Cafe Moto section of the motorcycle world. Hip, trendy, and just enough retro flair give this helmet a vintage feel that those hipsters just love. Now, with the online color scheme generator from Helmade, you can customize your own helmet before you buy it. Check it out – here are 10 Creative Bell Bullitt Designs that I put together in a matter of minutes.


pink-cat-ear-motorcycle-helmet-6This Pink Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet has the ears turned to the outside, giving the helmet an aerodynamic look that the other typical cat hear helmets do not have. Custom made and one-of-a-kind, nice job kitty kitty.


Helmet Concept 6Another Helmet Concept that I wish I could buy, this creative helmet has some features that are sure to inspire you to think a outside the lines of your traditional helmet accessories. Credit to 9gag, I sure would love to see this thing on the road.


“I am Iron Man.” (Go ahead and say it out loud, you know you want to.) HJC Helmets has officially teamed up with Marvel to start producing the Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet. The IS-17 model full face helmet is a fair priced helmet at ~$250 that offers some premium features and a 3-year warranty. Not that you could ever hurt the Iron Man.


HJC also is releasing the Bobba Fett Motorcycle Helmet on the RHPA 11 Pro Model. Being the Star Wars fan that I am, I’m going to have to get this one.


And the Punisher was not overlooked in the Marvel Series of Motorcycle Helmets by HJC. Logos on 3 sides of this helmet will show off your love of the Punisher.



So I couldn’t help but put in this unique custom airbrushed helmet by Rekairbrush. This guy has been painting some sick motorcycle helmets for long than most painters on the scene, and this Pink Bandana wrapped around a Skull Helmet is very creative. Haven’t seen anything like it. Have you?

The front mask that is attached to the goggles on the Shark Raw Helmet just screams “Paint me, Paint me!” And so it shall be painted.


The Bandit Alien2 Airbrushed Helmet by Blazeartworks has a color scheme that is unreal. Wild and loud, you surely have to have some very creative bones to paint freehand paint a helmet like this.



LOL! Mashing a couple of offensive helmet stickers together made me laugh, so it made the list.

Go ahead and be offended,…… do it 🙂


ryan-love-rlove-helmetsRyan Love has some very cool and creative helmet concepts over at This one has a bunch of those do-dads, and do-hickies on the front of it that are certainly needed for something.


360-fly-bell-helmet360 Fly Cameras and Bell teamed up for the ultimate Helmet Camera experience with this one.

Just like it’s name sounds, the 360 Fly cam can be turned to view from any angle, anytime. Mounted on top of the Bell Pro Star, which is a super lightweight carbon fiber helmet, the camera does not add that much noticeable weight onto your helmet.



The limited release of the Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet has this in short supply. Frank over at SanchezKustoms snagged a few and painted them up nice!



Rebekah has perfected the art of adding BLING to a motorcycle helmet. As her profile says “Often imitated, never duplicated” these custom crystallized helmets are one of a kind works of art.



After the fail of the Skully helmet project, there was a gap left open in the demand for a smarter helmet. HJC is developing the Smart ON helmet fill this need. With front and rear helmet cameras, this technologically advanced helmet is said to have a “black box” feature to capture footage the lead up to a crash. Smart indeed.

Huge Spikes on helmet in mohawk form

Spikes and Mohawks have always been some of my favorite helmet accessories. But sometimes, you just have to take it too far now don’t you?

walteriffic-helmetWalteriffic is a creative helmet designer too. Taking inspiration from aviation helmets and video games, he transforms an plain-ole boring helmet into something that is sure to turn a few heads on the road.

Check out:

Lightmode helmet lighting kits  are a creative way to add some character to your helmet, and some light in the night. With plenty of color choices and styles to replicate, here is how to install one on your own helmet. And here are the Ladies of Lightmode. 


The Jack Skellington Helmet is a custom airbrushed helmet after the character of the same name in The Night Before Christmas. Painting a helmet itself is on the low-end of the creativity scale, but matching the bike, shirt, gloves, and helmet?

You sir, have earned it.

Deadpool – You are my Hero.


clown-motorcycle-helmetI hope that you are not afraid of clowns 🙂  Photo credit:


autevelolutionPhoto Credit: Autoevolution



Those are some big horns you got there, and ears.


new-aluminum-helmet-photo-by-cultedgeSource: Pinterest





gollumThe Gollum motorcycle helmet creeps me out a little too.



Blaze Art works custom helmet with a mohawk and a goatee.



Photo: Iron Horse Helmets

How do you walk through the door in that thing?

Must have a strong neck,…. I could go all day.



Photo: Ferdinand Sinaduma

Kevlar FSD Motorcycle Helmet



Is that a blue smerf helmet with pigtails? Helmet by Leonardo Rivas 

My wife is going to love that.



Credit: Bandidomotowear


Bell Bullitt Leather covered helmetA leather covered Bell Bullitt. OMG.

Source: Larson Upholstery


helm-of-godPhoto: Gabrial Satria



3D Black Panther Helmet. To each his own.

Source: Jahstewart



Pumpkin Helmet by Headless Helmets.


Celty Cosplay Cat Helmet Modification 10
How to make your own cat ear helmet.


spartan-helmetSpartan Helmet from Nitrinos Helmets



Source: Youtube

Ant Man Motorcycle Helmet.



Fallout Helmets and Masks on Etsy.



3D Printed Fallout Helmet. 



3d Printed Ultron Helmet. Source:



Pacific Rim Concept Helmet. Source:



TFA X wing fighter pilot helmet.

Not all Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets are created equal. A for effort.



Batman Helmet. Source:



Ram horns motorcycle helmet. (and beers.)


Source: Youtube



Photo: gixxer561



Source: mellyon2 (and cookie monster)

Source: Imperialmoto 


Wolverine Motorcycle Helmet by



Photo: marianny1616



Credit: _ambrgrace



When you can afford that custom paint job of the half-nude women that you have been dreaming about, get out the Sharpie.

Source: 1wheelfelons






Source: Edward subias




There it is!

You made it to the bottom and saw some of the most creative motorcycle helmets out on the road and around the nets.

I hope this inspires you and gets your creative juices going like it did for me.

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