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5 Tips That Could Help You Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

5 Tips That Could Help You Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

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In the U.S., 5,286 people died from motorcycle accidents in 2016. Sadly, there is a much higher risk for fatalities in motorcycle accidents than car accidents. While there is no way to guarantee your safety on a motorcycle, there are a few things you can do to decrease your chances of an accident.

1. Use the Recommended Safety Gear

Certain places have rules mandating riders to wear protective gear on motorcycles. But even if your state does not require you to wear a helmet or other safety gear, you should. Doing so can keep you safe.

For instance, a safety vest makes you more visible to other drivers. Without one, you could go unnoticed by a driver switching lanes. But with one, you are more visible. They might see you before changing lanes or making a turn.

2. Go at a Safe Speed

If you drive too quickly, you put yourself at risk. When you speed, other drivers may not have time to react to you. You also have less control of your motorcycle. If there is a hazard in the road or a sudden traffic jam, you might not be able to stop in time.

Usually, a safe speed is the posted speed limit. But there is an exception. In bad weather, you should drive slower than usual. The roads are more dangerous, and you need to be able to stop suddenly. If you drive a safe speed, you can keep control on slippery roads or in windy conditions.

3. Remain Alert

Most people are guilty of distracted driving at some point in their life. Although the act is always dangerous, it’s even more hazardous on a motorcycle.

You need to always remain alert on your motorcycle. Sometimes, other drivers won’t see you. To avoid an accident, you must pay attention to all of the other vehicles on the road. When you pass through gaps in traffic, be on the lookout for cars changing lanes. You should also have extra caution at intersections and stop signs.

4. Stay Out of Blind Zones

If a car driver decides to change lanes, they usually look at their side and rearview mirrors. However, this doesn’t give them complete visibility. You may be in their blind zone. If you want to avoid an accident, you need to try to stay out of the blind zones of other vehicles.

To accomplish this, you should stay near the front of other vehicles. If possible, stay in another driver’s line of sight. You should also avoid riding between traffic lanes and parked vehicles. When you venture too close to a parked car, you risk a passenger opening their door and hitting you. Additionally, you risk a pedestrian stepping out in front of you.

5. Stay Up-to-Date on Maintenance

Whether you use your bike regularly or only on rare occasions, you need to stay up-to-date on your maintenance. This means keeping all of its parts in good condition. You should regularly check your brakes, lights, tires, and exhaust. If you fail to do so, a malfunction could cause you to be involved in an accident.

No matter how carefully you might drive, you could find yourself a victim of an accident. If you do, the stakes are high. You could lose your life or suffer from a permanent injury. With the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Miami, you can seek compensation for your injuries. You could receive money for your medical bills and more.