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360 Brake for Motorcycles

January 11, 2008 – We don’t usually cover cruiser items but this press release came through and it looks pretty interesting.

The 360 Brake is a unique motorcycle braking system that is completely contained in a five-inch hub mounted around the axle; it looks like there‘s no brake at all!

The circular piston and pads are activated by hydraulic pressure delivering 360 degrees of braking pressure to the rotor in a compact hub.

“We’ve completely redesigned the inner workings of the brake”, states Dale Needleman, 360 Brake President.  The new rotor, which is grooved and vented, together with the brake hat’s newly designed venting system, effectively eliminates dust build up providing superior airflow to the brake.

The 360 Brake engineering team developed a testing protocol based on the FM VSS 122 DOT test.

They tested the new brake for four days on a closed course in controlled conditions.  Readings and tolerances were documented and repeated to validate the data.

After completing these tests, Needleman expressed their utmost confidence in the product.

“We really wanted to get quantified data on the stopping power and the heat dissipation of the brake,” Needleman said, “After employing our new designs and completing the rigorous testing protocol, the 360 Brake performed extremely well, surpassing the testing protocol in some instances by well over 100%!”

The 360 Brake will fit most custom and V-Twin configurations and is now offered in a polished finish with chrome and color anodized as upgrades.

Currently 360 Brake can be adapted to most of the billet wheels, with a limited offering for a spoked wheel configuration.  For more information check it out at 360 Brake.

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