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[Review] 2020 Wolfman Luggage Wolf Bottle Holster

Wolfman Luggage Wolf Bottle Holster
Wolf Bottle Holster Review Summary
Review Summary
The 2020 Wolfman WP series of products is a new and fresh take from the Wolf; all three pieces now reviewed are exactly as advertised regarding form, build, and function - including keeping gear absolutely dry The nylon and TPU laminate shell is black on the outside and a bright (Wolf) Yellow on the inside. With two mounting layouts – one wide-flat strap and D-ring based and the other upper and lower flat straps with adjustable sliders there are lots of options for users. At 4.25in diameter and 12in high, it houses a variety of 1.0 to 1.5L fuel containers or similarly sized fluid containers with a bungee shock cord pull keeping things secure at the top. Think of it as the “little bottle holster that can and does”. And all for a reasonable $39.99 USD.
Design and Innovation
Build Materials and Quality
Fit & Function
Warranty & Support
Overall Performance
Value for $$$
Size, footprint, dimensions and mounting layout allows fitment on many motorcycles
Tough durable combination of 840d nylon with TPU laminate and RF-welded seams
Drain hole
Mountable to almost anything, anywhere
No top of bottle yoke, fixed or slide-on, to facilitate securing larger taller containers
Flat strap and fasteners long & cumbersome – versatile but hard to keep out of the way
Wide flat strap pass-through could be overlapped hook-n-loop for even more versatility


This is the third and final submission for the 2020 Wolfman products provided earlier this year. Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage is a long-term well-respected major player in the motorcycle industry and 2020 has seen the complete luggage line redesigned.

Every piece uses heavy-duty nylon with TPU laminate that is radio frequency (RF) welded for strength and absolute sealing. The new gear is still distinctively Wolfman in look and function, but now even better.

My first experience with the Wolf pieces was an early Wolfman textile tank bag that had a bit of form and tons of function; it probably had at least 80,000kms on it over a decade or more in travel across Canada, the US and a country or two in Europe; it certainly performed, but it sure would have been nice to have some of the new for 2020 products back then.

With the do-over announced, we touched base with Lisa at Wolfman Luggage to see about getting some of the new for 2020 WP (waterproof) products and within a short period of time they had agreed to send three products; a set of the Expedition Saddle Bags, a Blackhawk Tank Bag and a Wolf Bottle Holster – a good sampling indeed. wBW has reviews on all three products.

But with COVID-19 dictating the ebb and flow of many things around the world, production of and shipment from their Global Warehouse got delayed and then, early stock was in short supply and needed for the first series of 2020 motorcycle shows.

So, it was mid-April before the Expedition Saddle Bags arrived at the doorstep and the Blackhawk Tank Bag and Wolf Bottle Holster didn’t hit the doorstep via contactless delivery until the first week of June.

And a few words regarding the review process in this COVID-19 environment. The best approach for evaluating gear, personal or motorcycle mounted, includes overnight trips and multi-day travel events somewhere; but this just has not happened for these pieces, yet.

So, it’s been lots of local riding and trips within current limitations. While confident that the wBW reviews of all three Wolfman products are as detailed and objective as usual, the full scope of activities is still in front of us. Rest assured there will be updates posted to the postings down the road.

Wolfman Luggage

Wolfman logo

“Passionate about motorcycles”, “Family-owned and operated business” and, “Proudly designed and tested in the USA” These statements are displayed front and centre on the ‘Why Wolfman’ page, and they are key to the Wolfman luggage story.

Since 1992, Wolfman (Motorcycle) Luggage has been made with quality, passion, and integrity, and since those early years the business has continued to build highly functional versatile and durable gear used by motorcyclists worldwide.

In 2007, Wolfman introduced the use of tough vinyl fabric for the Expedition Series and in 2010 the waterproof multi-use Rolie Bags were introduced. And now for 2020, Wolfman has gone to a 100% RF-welded and waterproof product line.

Key to a good motorcycle accessory, including soft side (with or without stiffeners) is versatility in fit and function and, adaptability. Some products will indeed be designed for use on certain types of motorcycles, but if they cannot be adapted (safely) for more general use this can be a limitation impacting marketability.

Wolfman states that their products continue to be the most sought-after luggage on the market, with each piece providing versatility so riders can carry what they need in the manner best suited for their use, riding style and motorcycle. And not just ADV riders either – you’ll see the distinctive Wolf logo sported on motorcycles of all brands and model at rallies and on the road.

2020 Wolfman – Wolf Bottle Holster – Breakdown

First impression – a small and unpretentious piece with lots of straps. Nice flat look and feel though. Oh wait, it has circumference and height and is obviously meant to hold fuel or fluid containers…but it doesn’t really look like my 30-year old carriers.

Wolfman Wolf Bottle side view

Build & Features


As with all the new 2020 Wolfman products, the Wolf Bottle Holster uses an 840D nylon TPU laminate that is black on the outside and bright (Wolf) Yellow inside. The seams are RF welded for a strong but flexible shell that should prove durable.


Typical ‘bottle holder’ form – tall and somewhat slim; containers of up to 30cm or 12in height and 10.8cm or 4.25in diameter can be utilized, or taller given the bungee shock-cord based top draw. On the bottom is found a grommet drain hole.

The bright Yellow nylon top section has a bright Yellow bungee shock-cord passed through the top perimeter; this cord has a sturdy friction slider and large plastic end piece. This elastic draw provides a strong top closure when needed.


The base is 10.8cm (4.25in) in diameter, for a circumference of 33.9cm or 13.34in. Height, from the base to the top, is 30cm (11.8in), so containers of up to 30.5cm or 12in in circumference and 30.5cm (12in) high can be accommodated.

Wolfman Wolf Bottle on motorcycle


Relative to the Wolf Logo, there is a different mounting layout on each side. On one side are RF-welded reinforcement pads with upper and lower cut-outs for long 25mm or 1.0in flat straps and, centre stitched slide adjusters. This layout creates four usable mounting points.

The other side if you will, has an 18.5cm or 7.3in long wide (50mm or 2.0in) flat strap stitched directly to the main holster material – this strap has a large D-ring stitched into the top end for general use; the top strap anchored to this plastic piece works as a top of container restraint or, a carry strap.

Below the D-ring two pass-throughs are stitched in. One is about 3.8 cm or 1.5in wide, good for most belts or flat straps while the lower pass-through is 110cm or 4.5in wide – large enough to facilitate almost anything or act as a comfortable carry/tote handle.


MSR or MSI fuel bottles of 750/1000/1500ml sizes or up to 50+ oz fit are accommodated; the largest containers may extend a little beyond the bungee cord drawtop of the Wolf Bottle Holster, although with the drawcord pulled up and the top strap in place, the contents are not going anywhere.

A lot of different fluid/food containers are used for work and (2 and 4-wheel) travel and all of them are compatible with the Wolf Holster Bottle, including the YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated and a Stanley Ceramivac Go Bottle, both 1.06L or 36oz; SAIL Easy Squeeze Polar Bottle in 700ml (24 oz); and, a double-walled Tim Horton (coffee) thermos, eh?

Generally, as long as the container diameter is at or slightly less than the 10.8cm or 4.25in base diameter it should be good to use – appreciating that if the container is really tall, the top flat strap may need to be looped around the top as added security.


Wolfman Wolf Bottle comparison

If there is a ‘best’ way to fit or install something like the Wolf Bottle Holster, I probably haven’t found it yet – it’s more fun experimenting with different layouts, including those that may be unique to a particular luggage configuration or motorcycle.

One of the simplest installations possible is with the BMW GS Adventure aluminum GS Adventure panniers. The Wolf Bottle Holster can be laid out to the front or back area of the lid and secured in place using the long flat straps and slide adjusters.

If you have something on top of panniers or a top box, most of which have or can have top and side brackets fitted, the Wolf Bottle Holster can be secured vertically or horizontally, depending on the contents of course and accessibility, etc.

With luggage like the Wolfman EXP Saddle Bags WP, the Rolie or other duffel style bags, any D-ring plastic piece, particularly the flat style used on many of the Wolfman luggage pieces is laid out to facilitate the use of the long adjustable flat straps on the Wolf Bottle Holster whether mounted directly or with the straps wrapped around the holster and then to the other piece.

Another approach is to disconnect the upper and lower perimeter straps on the EXP Saddle Bags and run them through the upper and lower wide flat strap pass-throughs on the Wolf Bottle Holster. Back placement is good for fuel containers whereas the front (side) of the saddlebag is often better for the hydration fluids so they are close at hand.

The upper tubing of the large sweeping side engine guards on the F 850 GSA makes pretty secure and easily accessed mounting points for the Wolf Bottle Holster as well. And when none of the luggage is on, the long adjustable straps can typically be used to secure the piece to the side of the frame…keeping it all safe of course.

Everyone has an opinion on how to mount motorcycle gear and some of the best approaches are those detailed by the manufacturer or distributor and watching videos is a great way to learn, which usually results in other options coming to mind…just keep it safe in appreciating load, content and orientation factors.

Side mounted Wolfman Wolf Bottle

Function & Performance Observations

Mounting versatility is what the Wolf Bottle Holsters is all about, although it does work best when matched up with other Wolfman luggage pieces, or gear with MOLLE attachment layouts or fastener points; orientation isn’t an issue either unless the container it holds require special care and attention…

The Wolf Bottle Holster is a pretty simple piece of luggage, designed and built to securely carry a container of some sort that fits inside while allowing this piece of luggage to be mounted on or adapted to a wide range of mounting surfaces.

In this regard, the Wolf Bottle Holster does an outstanding job and it really is very versatile regarding mounting based on its two interface approaches – one being the flat strap and D-ring piece, with the other being the upper/lower strap and adjuster layout.

But there are a couple of things that could be tweaked, or added, to make this great little product even greater. One might be to put a yoke piece into the top cross-over strap (or include a shaped piece that could be slipped on) that could engage the upper part of a bottle or neck of a container more securely.

Another small tweak could have the wider pass-through on the 2in flat strap become an adjustable overlapped hook-n-loop piece, for use as a wide pass-through or pulled apart when needed – I have an old OR padded fluid holder that uses this approach – perfect.

Warranty & Support

Wolfman has a well defined and detailed Returns, Repairs & Warranty page that identifies many situations and issues that customers might experience and provides coverage information along with repair and/or return conditions and instructions. From the information found on the link above it seems that their goal is to make sure customers are taken care of.

I’ve never had to utilize any of their return, repair, or warranty services but in browsing through a number of forums and motorcycle review related sites, Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage has a great track record in looking after customers. This site provides them with an 85.1 Rating Score.

But Wait, There’s More…

Lest you think that Wolfman only offers the basics and doesn’t have a whole line of other good things to use, with any of the three New for 2020 products we’ve just reviewed or by themselves, then you don’t’ know the ‘Wolf’.

So before closing out this three-of-three review (we hope there will be more) and in not squeezing some of this information into the other two (longer) reviews, it is prudent to provide some insight into everything else the Wolf has to offer, in addition to the three WP products now reviewed.

All three are outstanding pieces of luggage and accordingly, I’ve added three more to the personal list – the Wolf Tote, the Wolf Tail WP, and a Zippered Expedition Duffel WP.

In addition to the products already identified, the current ‘WP’ offerings include 3 Expedition Duffels and 3 Rolie Bags, the Rocky Mountain Expedition Saddle Bags (reviewed), the Enduro Motorcycle Tank Bag and Blackhawk Motorcycle Tank Bag (reviewed), a Peak Tail Bag, and the E-12 Saddle Bags.

And if the smaller off-road oriented acquisition had already come about, I could also add one of the ‘Unrack System’ bases that Wolfman offers. The first is the B-Base WP intended for use on larger ADV and Dual Sport motorcycles, while the smaller footprint E-Base WP is designed for Enduro and smaller Dual Sport motos.

The bases provide the foundation, Wolfman has the luggage designed for the bases and the rider tailor-fits pieces to match requirements. Featured luggage pieces for the Unrack Systems are the versatile Rolie Bags WP, along with the Wolf Bottle Holster WP (this review) and the Tincup Pocket WP – it looks like a small tank bag but is adaptable for many configurations.

The Tincup Pocket WP has multiple base and mounting options available; two of these pieces would make an excellent tank pannier set or extra storage fitted to the upper side guards.

And this is by no means an exhaustive listing of everything Wolfman carries, like general accessories, fuel, and water containers and, parts like harnesses, mounts, replacement hardware, and repair kits.


It had been a long time since anything with the Wolf Logo was mounted on any of the home fleet machines; more a personal lament than anything. Thankfully, this has now changed, with the ‘Wolf’ now showing its presence in the garage.

All three of the reviewed products are excellent new pieces from Wolfman Luggage and all three of them are going to see continued use on the motorcycles; versatility and effectiveness of all three pieces have been well demonstrated and I know they will be around for the long haul.

There have been lots to acclaim and little to knock overall. I know other observations are likely to be made going forward, including once we get out travelling again and of course the impact of long -term use regarding the durability of any ‘new’ product is on the table. But, so far, so good.

And the last piece, but not the least, the Wolf Bottle Holster is sure to be an attractive item if you will, much like the Blackhawk Tank Bag is; I think we are going to need a sharing arrangement…

The Bottom Line 

Formed of the same tough flexible nylon and laminated TPU combination used for other new for 2020 products, the Wolf Bottle Holster provides secure storage for fuel and fluid containers with the ability to support short, medium, or taller pieces. Its shape, flexibility, and mounting adaptability make it a perfect companion for hard or soft luggage configurations or, by itself. An excellent new offering from the Wolf – highly recommended.


  • New for 2020 design, waterproof, flexible, durable with Wolfman look, feel and features
  • Size, footprint, dimensions, mounting layout allows fitment on many motorcycles
  • Tough durable combination of 840d nylon with TPU laminate
  • Fully waterproof case with RF welded seams
  • Drain hole
  • Elastic shock cord closure with tensioner
  • With shorter containers, top can be rolled for a waterproof seal
  • Mountable to almost anything, anywhere


  • No top of bottle yoke, fixed or slide-on to facilitate securing larger taller containers
  • Flat strap and fasteners long & cumbersome – versatile but hard to keep out of the way
  • Wide flat strap pass-through could be overlapped hook-n-loop for even better versatility

wBW Specs: