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2020 Honda CBR400R Revealed in Japan

2020 Honda CBR400R

A Ready-to-Go Small Sportbike

Honda recently revealed the 2020 version of the CBR400R in Japan, according to Indian Autos Blog. Unfortunately, this motorcycle will be for the Japanese market only, but it’s a killer bike and one that I would like to see Honda take elsewhere in the world.

The motorcycle features the same 399cc engine that is fitted to the CB400X that I discussed not long ago. The engine is is a parallel-twin and it puts out about 45 hp. It will likely be tuned a bit differently for the sportbike variant, but the power should remain very similar to the CB400X’s numbers.

In North American markets, we get the CBR500R, and that obviously has a larger displacement engine than this one. However, that engine doesn’t really make much more power. In the 400-range, Kawasaki and KTM are kings right now, and it would be interesting to see Honda bring this CBR400R to the global stage to see how it would compete with those motorcycles.

Until this little 400 leaves Japan, though, we will have to admire it from afar. This 2020 model isn’t a completely new bike. It’s just an update from the previous model year, and to be honest, Honda hasn’t changed much. The company did some aesthetic updates to the exterior of the bike, but it decided not to do an extensive revamp. Still, this is a bike I wish was sold in North America.