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2015 Summer Motorcycle Gloves Review

Summer Motorcycle Gloves
Motorcycle Gloves Review Summary
Review Summary

Too Light for Summer?

Question: Where is the crossover point between the ability to protect and lightweight comfort?

We searched for the lightest-weight summer motorcycle gloves we could find in 2015 that could still reasonably be called motorcycle gloves.

We found the bleeding edge — pun intended — of that not-so-fine line between protection and hot-weather comfort.

Here’s the problem: if you’ve read any of the many webBikeWorld motorcycle glove reviews, you know that besides some level of abrasion and impact protection, there is one must-have feature that, when absent, is a “deal-killer”.

And that is this: the gloves must have some type of security system that keep it on the rider’s hand.

If the gloves can be easily pulled off the hands, it doesn’t matter how much protection they offer, because they might not be there just when you need them the most.

Unfortunately, none of the gloves in this ultra-lightweight comparison are up to the challenge.

Compare these with the webBikeWorld 2013 Summer Gloves Comparison Review and you’ll see the difference…although all of the gloves in that review are much heavier and thicker — and hotter.

But that is the tradeoff: protection vs. cooling air flow. We’ll take the protection; after all, that’s precisely what motorcycle gloves are designed for.

None of the 2015 gloves in this comparison have a secure wrist strap, unfortunately. But each motorcycle rider has their own personal calculus about safety and we fully understand that not everyone may feel the way we do about the wrist strap security issue.

It’s too bad, because at least one pair in this review — the AGV Sport Spirit gloves — are so close to being a favorite.

Take a look for yourself. Here are three short takes of what are among the lightest-weight motorcycle gloves you can buy in 2015. You be the judge and please let us know what you think.

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From “J.D.” (May 2015): “I hope you’re going to include in your review the Held Airstream II Gloves. I’ve not tried them out, only because I remain pleased with my pair of Held Air Hero gloves, which were their predecessor.”

From “D.W.” (May 2015): “In regards to the summer glove disappointment (with you there / ATGATT), perhaps you should try a set of Knox Orsa gloves?

They look to be pretty cool, and have a good amount of safety in that they are really CE tested and approved. Plus they have the Boa system you liked on the Handroid set. Plus, they are pretty cheap! They came out right after I bought a new set, but they are on my list for new set-o-gloves.”

From “D.M.” (May 2015): “Great timing on the summer glove reviews. I come down on the side of favoring protection over air flow, even in 117-degree Arizona summers.

Thanks to your review, I found the Racer Mickey gloves (review) to be a great choice for the warmest weather.  Great air flow, thanks largely to the “stealth mesh” fourchettes, bomber protection, and secure wrist strap, a bit pricey at $116 currently, and still available.

My other favorite is the Held Agadir. Slightly less air flow, but all kangaroo leather, all perforated, great protection and wrist strap, and a mid gauntlet, which is sometimes what you want.  Sadly, they are discontinued, but Held might have a replacement worth checking into?”