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2012 REV’IT! Spring and Summer Clothing Preview

REV'IT! 2012 Spring and Summer Clothing

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It’s hard to believe another year has rocketed by and it’s now time to announce the REV’IT! Spring 2012 clothing lineup.

I was introduced to the new lineup during a visit to the REV’IT! USA headquarters in New York back in October.

I took some photographs there and in the REV’IT! booth at the 2011 EICMA show (report).

As always, there’s a lot to report from REV’IT! and they’re certainly not resting on their laurels for the new year!

2012 REV’IT! Spring/Summer Clothing Lineup

REV’IT! has much more than I can report on here, but let’s take a look at just a few of the new REV’IT! motorcycle clothing items for 2012.

There are many exciting new products, and that in and of itself is news.

As everyone knows, the worldwide economic conditions over the last couple of years have been, well, let’s just say they’ve been less than optimal.

Many local motorcycle shops have shut their doors for the last time unfortunately, never to return.

And motorcycle clothing and accessory manufacturers have also felt the pinch.

But motorcycle and scooter sales haven’t been as affected as one might think (see the Motorcycle Sales Statistics page and it’s important to remain optimistic about the future.

The easy way out in a situation like this — and one which too many companies adopt — is to run scared, shrink the product line and compromise on quality, trying to cut costs. And that is usually a mistake.

A smart company will use an economic downturn as an opportunity to work even harder at developing new ideas and products that will both address the current situation and prepare for the future.

This is the “when life hands you lemons, turn them into lemonade” strategy. And that appears to be exactly the tack that REV’IT! has taken for 2012.

The 2012 REV’IT! clothing lineup is stronger than ever, with several new and innovative products in the mix.

REV’IT! has always offered a breadth of selections that covers just about every riding type, weather contingency and climate you can think of, and that hasn’t changed for 2012 — good news!

REV'IT! 2012 Clothing Hang Tags
2012 REV’IT! clothing hang tags will provide details on wear and usage.

REV’IT! Clothing Hang Tags

A jacket’s a jacket, right? Wrong! REV’IT! incorporates so many different technologies into their clothing, which have so many TLAs (Three-Letter Acronyms, get it?) and trade names that it can be difficult for the customer (and the retailer) to know what it is and how it all works.

So, in another good example of the attention to detail that REV’IT! is known for (and for which we have noted through the years), REV’IT! will have a new format for the “hang tags” that come with each garment.

The tags will include recommendations on suggested weather conditions and temperatures for the item.

Also, details on the location and function of the protective features and also instructions for use and proper alignment of the armor and padding are included. And, a lookup table for all those TLAs!

The example tag at REV’IT! USA headquarters shown in the photo above included lots of good information and it was also an interesting read.

So this small improvement should also help both the customer and the retailer to learn about the product and to choose the best item for his or her needs.

REV'IT! Horizon HV Jacket
The 2012 REV’IT! Horizon HV (High Visibility) jacket on the left and the Horizon in light gray on the right.
REV'IT! Horizon HV Jacket at EICMA
The 2012 REV’IT! Horizon HV jacket.

REV’IT! Horizon Jacket

The Horizon jacket is new for 2012 and it incorporates a brand-new patented VCS (Variable Climate System) “Aquadefence” air vent system.

The Horizon supplements the extensive line of REV’IT! “tour fit” jackets and it has a nice adventure-touring style. Matching Horizon pants are also available to make the outfit.

The new front vent system consists of a special rubberized panel that is specially sealed into the fabric. It’s a very simple system with a pull-down panel that completely covers the large vent to make it instantly waterproof. It’s easy to use and takes only one hand to open or close.

The Aquadefence vent is backed by the special REV’IT! “3D” mesh material, which is a thick matrix that keeps the vent away from the rider’s chest when riding to ensure that the air flows through.

Without the 3D mesh, the fabric tends to push flat against the chest with the wind pressure, and that diminishes the amount of air that can circulate.

The Horizon jacket comes in an “HV” (High Visibility) version, which meets the CE EN-471 specifications for visibility. The Horizon has added reflective material all around the front, sides and back also.

The jacket and pants come with the full array of CE protection, including Knox Flexiform in the shoulders and elbows. The Horizon jacket and pants are breathable, with a Hydratex membrane and tested for water resistance.

The Horizon jacket will have a list price of $479.99 for the standard colors (light gray or black); the Horizon HV jacket costs $20.00 more. The Horizon pants will list at $299.99 in short, standard and long lengths.

REV'IT! Horizon Jacket
The 2012 REV’IT! Horizon Jacket.
REV'IT! Horizon Jacket Liner
The 2012 REV’IT! Horizon jacket liner.
REV'IT! Horizon Jacket Pocket
Close-up of the VCS Aquadefence front vent system.
REV'IT! Horizon Jacket Rear View
REV’IT! Horizon jacket, rear view. Note full-width upper back vent and reinforced waist belt adjsuters.
REV'IT! Horizon Jacket Vent Close-up
The VCS (Variable Climate System) Aquadefence vent system.
REV'IT! VCS Aquadefence Vent
Looking through the VCS Aquadefence vent
3D Mesh Inside REV'IT! Horizon Jacket
3D mesh backs the VCS Aquadefence vent in the REV’IT! Horizon jacket.

REV’IT! Tornado HV Jacket

The REV’IT! Tornado jacket (photos below) was introduced in 2011 (here) and proved to be one of the most popular sellers worldwide. New for 2012 is the Tornado HV (High Visibility) version, with CE EN-471 certified fabric.

The Tornado and matching Tornado pants (photo above) should be a perfect hot-weather riding solution (the Tornado pants can be purchased one size larger to use as overpants also).

Removable waterproof and insulating liners are included. Mesh panels cover almost the entire front and rear of the jacket, along with the inner and outer arms. The pants have mesh panels along the thighs and lower portions of the legs.

The Tornado jacket is available in both men’s and women’s versions, in silver or black, and it has a list price of $319.99 and the HV version is $10.00 more.

The Tornado pants have a list price of $279.99 and are available in short, standard and long lengths.

REV'IT! 2012 Jacket and Pants
The 2012 REV’IT! Tornado HV jacket and pants outfit on the left. Horizon outfit on the right.
REV'IT! Tornado HV Jacket
The 2012 REV’IT! Tornado HV jacket (L) and Tornado jacket in silver on the right.

Adjustable Protectors

REV’IT! is using a new design to allow easier adjustments for armor in the jackets and pants. The system, shown in the photo below, is easier to use and has printed instructions for positioning the armor.

REV'IT! Adjustable Armor
The 2011 REV’IT! Tarmac Air Jacket.

REV’IT! Airwave Jacket and Pants

Building on the phenomenal success of the Tornado hot-weather riding outfit (dealers had a hard time keeping them in stock!), REV’IT! developed the new Airwave jacket and pants (photos below), which will also be released in Spring of 2012.

The Airwave is an evolution of the REV’IT! “Air” mesh jacket and pants (review), one of my all-time favorites and the only outfit to have when the weather gets really, really hot.

The Airwave looks even better, with sharp styling and just a touch of high-vis yellow along the arms in the version shown below. The jacket is also available with red trim, black trim or an all-black version.

Matching Airwave pants have full mesh panels at the upper and lower thighs, lower legs and down the back of the legs in the rear.

Knox Flexiform armor is included in the shoulders, elbows and knees on the pants.

Since the Airwave is designed for the hottest weather a rider will encounter, it does not come with a waterproof or thermal liner.

The Airwave jacket and pants will be available in both men’s and women’s versions.

It will have a list price of $199.99 for the jacket and $189.99 for the pants. Order yours as soon as you can, because these will sell faster than Italian ice come summer time!

REV'IT! Airwave Jacket
The 2012 REV’IT! Airwave Jacket.
REV'IT! Airwave Jacket Close-up
Close-up of the 2012 REV’IT! Airwave jacket mesh. Note reinforced bar-tacked stitching on the panels.
REV'IT! Airwave Jacket Rear View
Rear view of the 2012 REV’IT! Airwave jacket.

REV’IT! Athos Air High-Visibility Vest

Here’s one that may or may not make it to North America, so if you’re interested, I suggest you barrage REV’IT! with email!

The CE EN-471 standard for high-visibility motorcycle riding clothes is being used in many European countries, although there is some controversy on how much difference this type of clothing can make for rider visibility.

The new REV’IT! Athos Air vest is a high-vis garment that also includes large swaths of retro-reflective fabric. The front and back panels are mesh and it has stretch panels on the sides.

Designed to fit over any motorcycle jacket, the Athos Air vest looks the part. It isn’t on the REV’IT! USA price list for 2012 but they’re testing the market for feedback. I like it and hope they bring it to North America.

REV'IT! Athos Air Vest Front
The 2012 REV’IT! Athos Air high-visibility vest.
REV'IT! Athos Air Vest Rear View
The 2012 REV’IT! Athos Air vest over the Airwave jacket, rear view.

REV’IT! Ignition 2 Jacket

The REV’IT! Ignition jacket and the Gear pants were another very popular item released in 2011. Both have been improved for 2012, now called the Ignition 2 jacket and Gear 2 pants.

These are leather/mesh hybrid garments which, when you think about it, offers the best of both worlds — the protection of leather with the excellent ventilation properties of mesh.

But it’s more than that, because the Ignition 2 jacket and the Gear 2 pants have removable water- and wind-proof liners, so you’re ready for any condition.

This is a high-end outfit and, as such, it comes with the high-end ProLife CE armor protection in the shoulders, elbows and the knees on the Gear 2 pants.

The Ignition 2 jacket and Gear 2 pants are available in men’s and women’s versions in black or black/anthracite (shown below), perfect for cruising or touring. The jacket has a list price of $499.99 and the pants list for $399.99.

REV'IT! Ignition 2 Jacket
The 2011 REV’IT! Tarmac Air Jacket.
REV'IT! Ignition 2 Men's and Women's Jackets
The 2012 REV’IT! Ignition 2 jacket, men’s on the left and women’s on the right.

REV’IT! Stingray One-Piece Leather Suit

Every year, when I visit the REV’IT! USA showroom, they have beautiful one-piece suits on display.

One-piece suits are unfortunately not as popular with street riders in the U.S.A. as they are elsewhere, but that doesn’t prevent REV’IT! from listing the suits in their North American catalog.

The REV’IT! suits have been proven in racing with some of the top riders and race series in the world, up to and including MotoGP. Each year, REV’IT! evolves the suits (and other gear) based on racer feedback.

The Stingray is the top-of-the-line suit for 2012.

REV’IT! said it was developed from MotoGP and by studying all of the slow-motion crash footage of many riders wearing the various brands of leather suits, to determine which parts of the suit require the most protection from impact and abrasion.

The studies determined that it was better to move some of the seams out of the impact areas and also to replace some of the leather with stretch Kevlar to make the suit more comfortable, flexible and breathable.

The photographs taken in the dim lighting of the showroom don’t come anywhere close to illustrating the details in the Stingray suit, but I can tell you it’s a work of technical art.

The Stingray suit comes in black with white trim or white with red or black trim.

The list price is actually a very reasonable $1,499.99; reasonable because it would be hard to get this kind of technology and protection without paying nearly twice as much for a leather suit.

REV'IT! Stingray One-Piece Leather Suit
The 2012 REV’IT! Stingray suit in white with red trim.
REV'IT! Singray One-Piece Leather Suit Knee
Inner leg details on the REV’IT! Stingray suit; note soft puck for extra grip on the fuel tank.
REV'IT! Stingray One-Piece Leather Suit Leg
Extra leg zipper allows expansion to make it easier to put the suit on or take it off.

REV’IT! Tryonic Back Protectors

The day I visited the REV’IT! USA showroom in New York was the day REV’IT! also announced the purchase of the Italian Tryonic outdoor performance gear protection (i.e., back protector) firm.

This was reported earlier on webBikeWorld (here) and formally announced also at the 2011 EICMA show.

Some of the Tryonic products were shown at EICMA and here are some photos I took. I’m hoping that the Tryonic back protectors will find their way into the REV’IT! jackets…hopefully as standard equipment!

REV'IT! Tryonic Back and Knee Protectors
The REV’IT! Tryonic back protectors and knee brace on display at the 2011 EICMA show.
REV'IT! Tryonic Back Protector
REV’IT! Tryonic back protector.
REV'IT! Tryonic Back Protector Selection
More REV’IT! Tryonic back protectors on display at the 2011 EICMA show.


This has been only a small sampling, of course, of the complete REV’IT! lineup for 2012. REV’IT! is one of the largest producers in the world of high-quality motorcycle clothing and they have a very complete and extensive product line.

This includes everything from specially designed REV’IT! socks (review) for motorcycling to the very high-visibility (and very reasonably priced) REV’IT! Energy HV jacket (review).

The REV’IT! lineup also still includes their very popular series of Gore-Tex and touring/adventure-touring outfits.

Those include the top-of-the-line, all-singing-and-dancing Everest GTX (review); the REV’IT! Sand jacket and pants (review).

And the very popular and the jacket that started the adventure-touring trend for REV’IT!, the very popular Cayenne Pro (review).

The lineup will also continue with what I think is currently the single best (and you don’t hear me use that word very often!) jacket and pants outfits available today, the REV’IT! Defender GTX (review).

There are many other new products in the REV’IT! Spring/Summer 2012 lineup that are not covered here.

Those include the Bullit one-piece leather suit and the beautiful Rebel men’s and women’s leather jackets (which we hope to get for a review).

Also the aggressively-priced new Spectrum and Spectrum HV men’s and women’s textile jackets and the Indigo and Indigo HV women’s textile jackets.

And the REV’IT! RSR Racing gloves, which we also hope to review. 2012 is shaping up to be a fun year, so stay tuned!

Publication Date: December 2011

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