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2011 Powersports Dealer Expo Live Report

2011 Nexx Helmets


wBW 2011 Dealer Expo Reports

Nexx Helmets for 2011

This will be my final report from the 2011 Powersports Dealer Expo.

And it’s about…helmets. As I mentioned in previous reports, there seemed to be more helmet displays per capita than anything else at the show.

Or at least they were the only things that attracted my attention…

Visiting the show also gave me the opportunity to meet the manufacturers, distributors and retailers, some of whom I had never met in person, even though we’ve had a long “virtual” relationship via email.

For example, I never had the opportunity to meet the Nexx Helmets staff until now, and it was nice to be able to put a face to a name!

Nexx has also been at work evolving their helmets and much of this was based on the feedback you and other webBikeWorld visitors have provided in our Nexx X30 review and Nexx XR1R review. And don’t forget the Nexx X60 revieweither!

Based on that feedback, the unique rotating visor on the Nexx X30 flip-up has been revised. As you can see in the photos below, the face shield has been completely redesigned to have a wider angle at the sides. The face shield can now also be operated independent from the rotating visor.

The thin chin guard at the bottom remains. This provides lateral strength to the helmet, making the X30 different from most flip-up helmet designs. I believe this is why the helmet shell for the X30 feels smaller and more compact than most flip-up helmet designs.

The Nexx X60 “Air” was also on display; this is a variant of the very cool Nexx X60 retro helmet we reviewed.

The X60 Air has a huge screen opening on either side, which I think would be just the ticket for motorcyclists in hot and humid riding areas like Florida, Texas and the southern U.S. And don’t forget, summer can be pretty hot everywhere else too.

The X60 and the X60 Air are now available in a new array of colors, including the “Rasta” version of the X60 (photo below), which was purchased on the spot by Ziggy Marley’s manager, who just happened to walk into the booth. Ziggy is an avid adventure-touring and off-road motorcyclist and his manager thought the colors were perfect.

The super-lightweight  Nexx XR1R Carbon comes in a few new colors, and check out the high-visibility orange and yellow X30’s in the photos. High-Viz yellow is, believe it or not, becoming almost common for motorcycle helmets, but the orange is certainly different and I think it’s even more visible during the brightest part of the day when the sun can tend to wash out the effect of the yellow.

We’ll plan on reviewing some of these updated Nexx helmets in 2011 and compare them to the earlier versions.

Nexx X30 Helmets
The redesigned Nexx X30 flip-up helmets in three high-visibility colors.
Nexx X30 Front View
Front view of the Nexx X30 flip-up illustrating the redesigned face shield and rotating visor.
Nexx X30 High-Visibility Helmets
High-visibility international orange and yellow Nexx X30 flip-up helmets.
Nexx X60 Rasta
Nexx X60 in the “Rasta” colors.
Nexx X60 Air
Nexx X60 Air helmet.
Nexx X60 Air - Side View
Close-up of the new Nexx X60 Air.
Nexx XR1R Carbon
Nexx XR1R Carbon helmets in new color schemes.

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Publication Date: February 18, 2011
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