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2010 Kawasaki Z1000 Custom

2010 Kawaski Z1000 Custom Motorcycles by WARM-UP

I receive many press releases but only publish those that I find most interesting. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Kawasaki, starting with the Mach III 500 cc two-stroke screamer back in the ’60’s. The new Kawasaki Z1000 piques my interest, so when this press release and photos arrived from Warm-Up in Germany with photos of some Z1000 customs, I just had to publish it. Enjoy!

Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP Edition Est. 1977

The first Kawasaki Z-1000 was introduced on the market back in 1977. German customizer Warm-Up in Aalen, Germany now launches the WARM UP Edition EST. 1977 based on the current Kawasaki Z1000.

It is designed to be a tribute to the birth of the first 1,000 cc superbike. The streetfighter fascinates with its spectacular 240 mm rear tire, its extraordinary WARM-UP Z1000 EST. 1977 decal kit and many exclusive details. These include the Akrapovic sports exhaust, the LED micro direction indicators integrated into the rear seat/tail unit and the stainless steel made Warm-Up license-plate bracket.

Warm-Up offers the Z1000 Edition EST. 1977 bike for a retail price of 14,999 Euros. All of the components are also available individually for owner customization.

While the 138 hp four-cylinder engine remains standard with exception of the Akrapovic sport exhaust system, the modifications, which turn the standard motorcycle into the Warm-Up Edition Est. 1977, are equally extensive and exclusive.

2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP Est. 1977 Custom
2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP Est. 1977 Custom

2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP Est. 1977 Custom Seat

Special Akrapovic exhaust system for the Z1000.
Special Akrapovic exhaust system for the Z1000.

2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP Est. 1977 Custom

2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP Est. 1977 Custom Front View

The ultra-wide Metzeler 240/40 R 18 rear tire, which perfectly uses the room inside the standard swingarm mounted on a 8.25-inch wide rim, attracts the attention at first sight. Matching the rear wheel the standard front rim is also refined in a combination of a polished well and a black center-piece. The suspension remains standard but can be upgraded with high precision bearings for an additional price. This modification makes the handling of the Z1000 even more agile and exact.

Another eye-catcher is the new Warm-Up Edition Est. 1977 decal kit. The tailor-made white, green and black elements make the striking design of the current Z1000 even more outrageous. This kit is also available individually for a retail price of 199 Euros. The Warm-Up wheel decal kit is also available for 21 Euros.

The pure-bred streetfighter is, of course, also shod with a wide and flat handlebar. The Z1000 of the Warm-Up Edition Est. 1977 is additionally furnished with aluminum-made handlebar stash caps, adjustable levers, low-mounted rear-view mirrors and ABM S-Grip grips.

Further exclusive features are the aluminum brake fluid reservoir for the rear brake, the detachable passenger seat cover, crash-pads and the Warm-Up license-plate bracket made from stainless steel which includes a LED license-plate light. This part replaces the bulky rear end of the standard Z1000.

The Warm-Up Konquistador

konquistador is the name of the ultimate streetfighter based on the current Kawasaki Z 1000, now introduced by German bike customizer Warm-Up.

The bike fascinates with its single-arm swingarm with 240 mm rear tire and its custom design containing double headlights, a belly pan and a raised seat/tail unit including an under-seat sport exhaust system made from stainless steel. The spectacular appearance is rounded out with numerous chrome applications and an extensive custom paintjob. The Warm-Up Konquistador costs 29,900 Euros.

2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP KONQUISTADOR Custom
2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP KONQUISTADOR Custom

2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP KONQUISTADOR Custom Rear View

While the 125 hp four-cylinder engine remains standard, the modifications, which turn the standard motorcycle into the Warm-Up Konquistador are equally extensive and exclusive. The ultra-wide Metzeler ME 880 Marathon 240/40 R 18 rear tire attracts the attention at first sight.

It is integrated into the high-polished frame using an eight inches wide rim and a high-polished aluminum-made single arm swingarm taken from the MV Agusta Brutale; lots of smart detail work has been necessary to make the rear wheel running in a nearly centered position.

The special front wheel is shod with a matching 120/70 ZR 17 Metzeler tire. The upside-down front fork of the Kawasaki is fixed using custom-made Warm-Up aluminum-made yokes with custom-made risers for the wider handlebar. To reach a more homogeneous look the front fork’s sliders are covered with chromed Warm-Up shrouds.

The standard Z 1000 mask was taken off to reach a genuine naked bike look. An optimal light efficiency is realized by the mounting of two high-polished headlamps fixed one on top of the other. The cool steel look is rounded out with aluminum handles including matching controls.

Greatest attention was especially put to a clean design. For it they chose to hide the wiring inside the handlebar. Soft-touch hand switches replace the standard units.

The raised Warm-Up seat/tail unit doesn’t only give the streetfighter a more extreme look but also houses the custom-made 4-in-1-in-2-in-1 under seat sport exhaust system which has been welded by hand from stainless steel.

The battery was moved into the Warm-Up belly pan to lower the bike’s center of gravity.

The Warm-Up Konquistador is alternatively available with conventional seat pad or the acrylic glass seat shown in the photos. The tiny digital instrument, which replaces the bulky standard instrument of the Z 1000, is flush mounted into the tank.

Maximum individuality is also the thing on the paint job. The design of every individual Konquistador is created together with the customer and German paint artist Klaus Beutler. This turns every bike into an distinctive individual item.

Hooray for Four Pipes!

Also announced is the Warm-Up Super4 Sport Exhaust System for the Kawasaki Z1000, which is claimed to add approximately 10% more torque.

Hooray for Four Pipes!  This is the motto of the new Warm-Up Super4 sport exhaust system for the Kawasaki Z1000.

For the development of this exhaust system the company’s technicians didn’t only focus on a more exciting sound, great looks with four chromed tailpipes and easy fitting in less than thirty minutes.

2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP Super4 Exhaust.
2010 Kawasaki Z1000 WARM-UP Super4 Exhaust.

The smart design of the Warm-Up Super4 sport exhaust results in an impressive torque increase from standard 98.7 Nm to 108.2 Nm at 7,350 rpm. The Z1000 with the stock silencer requires 850 rpm more to deliver the lower maximum torque.

With a maximum power of 124.7 hp / 91.8 kW, the new mufflers remain within the measuring tolerance of the Z1000 which delivered 124.3 hp / 91.5 kW with the standard exhaust on the yno. Maximum power is already available at 9,050 rpm with the Warm-Up exhaust, while the stock bike reaches its maximum power at 10,000 revs.

As a result, the four-cylinder engine of the Kawasaki Z1000 is much more lively on the road which can be especially noticed on quick country and mountain road trips.

A welcome side effect of replacing the bulky standard silencers with the elegant Warm-Up sport exhaust system is a weight reduction of 3.2 kilograms.

TThe Warm-Up Super4 sport exhaust system comes with an EU general operating certificate, which eliminates the need for individual technical inspections. The retail price is 899 Euros.

Publication Date: October 2010.

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