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Top 10 reasons for riding solo

Riding solo
Time for some Zen

Any excuse is good enough for a ride – whether it’s with the pillion-in-a-million, a couple of friends, a dozen club members, a hundred shop riders, or a thousand toy runners – yet solo riding is our favourite.

And in these days of social distancing, it may be the preferred way to go.

There are many reason why we love riding solo.

But here are our top 10:

  1. Zen: It’s a good time for peace and meditation, away from the mindless chatter and banter of friends. Solo riding can be a cathartic experience where you “blow out the cobwebs”, cleanse the mind of the week’s built-up minutiae and think about nothing else but the manual task in hand – clutch, throttle, brake, steering.
  2. Peer pressure: There is none when you ride solo. You can choose your own pace. Go on, race that HSV Holden if you like, tag on to the back of a bunch of sports bikes or just wave them past and continue to ride at a relaxed pace. If you race and win, you can congratulate yourself. If you race and lose, then there’s no one judging you.
    Riding solo
    Wave faster riders through
  3. No pressure: Apart from a lack of pressure to go racing, there is also no pressure to stay together in a pack which can put pressure on you to make some silly errors, radical passing manoeuvres or run “very amber” lights.
  4. Stop: Yes, you can actually stop to take a photo, absorb a view, go to the toilet or grab another cup of coffee without being berated by a friend for slowing down the herd.
    Riding solo CFMoto
    Stop and go when you like
  5. Go: No need to wait around for one of your group to use the toilet, pay for their latte by American Express, have a cigarette or fix their “classic” bike. Just go when you are ready!
  6. Idiots: You probably don’t ride with idiots, but usually a group can have one person who isn’t as talented as the other riders or makes rash decisions. Riding solo removes this dangerous element from your ride.
  7. Change your mind: There is no set agenda. You are allowed to change your mind, destination and route as often as you want without causing anyone grief or upset.
    Riding solo
    Take a sidetrack
  8. Explore: Groups have a rigid route and arrival time, but riding solo allows you to explore side roads, go a different route to normal or even head up a dead-end just to see what’s there. And no one will mind! You can also take a portable power station with you and do some solo motorbike camping anywhere you like.
  9. Bench racing: You can’t fool yourself, so there is no point in lying to yourself about your escapades. However, when you catch up with your friends on another ride, you can “embellish” all you like as there are no witnesses!
    Riding solo
    Electronic gadgets make solo adventuring possible
  10. Safety: Riding solo, especially on lonely country roads or trails is not very safe in the event of a crash or breakdown. However, these days there are mobile phones, distress beacons, GPS trackers and other electronic gadgets you can use to improve your safety, even if you are out of phone signal.
  1. And to take a song title from the legendary Chuck Berry; ‘No particular place to go’!

  2. Yes, I’m a bit of a solo goes it guy…..reason being that sometimes scenery is so enchanting you need to get off the bike, make a coffee, take photos, look at your static machine, then move on. ‘Tis also nice to share this stuff with a good friend tho.

  3. As much as I like to ride with a couple of other riders, I do really enjoy the time to myself riding solo. Bikes are really designed to ride solo so you can get away from the constant interruptions of work, home or other activities.

    A lot of people who don’t ride, don’t understand the pleasure of a solo ride in the country side with your own thoughts to keep you company.

  4. I love doing both, BUT as a former head road captain, I now relish the freedom to make my own rules and not worry about the rider 30 bikes back who is day dreaming instead of keeping an eye out for where we are going. Doing big miles, you learn to appreciate the skill of experienced fellow riders. There are a few who I would trust my life with literally, they are that good. Others who on one ride cut me and my good lady so badly, I couldn’t believe that they didn’t take out our front end! (SOA wanna-be)!!! The solace of being on your own is one powerfully good therapy though, at the end of the day, but it’s even better when you can share the highlights with great mates.

    1. Hi Graeme,
      I don’t think I could take on the ride captain duties on a big ride, but I often end up out front of our adventure riding group just so I can take them on wild goose chases!

    2. Just one of the dangers of riding with the ‘look at me brigade’ hog cub?
      you also get to meet the locals , and don’t have to listen to every would
      be trying to outdo each other on how much money they’ve spent on accessories
      or bragging about their real estate portfolios

  5. yes, yes, yes to all points listed. I love riding when I like and where I like. I often only decide the direction when I have to pick which indicator to turn on at the end of my street. So glad I’m not the only one who prefers riding on my own, whether its on a day ride or a weeks holiday. Thats my idea of freedom!

  6. Following other vehicles can lead to a somnambulistic state in my case… once blindly followed a small bunch of riders into a railway crossing… luck and skill prevailed. Looking out for others means you can’t be fully focused on your own riding – this only gets worse as we age… sigh. On a couple of rare occasions I was lucky enough to travel with some savvy lone riders and it made the trip quicker and more exciting. Unfortunately there is no one there to see your grand accomplishments and the more extraordinary moments where you hit the odd roo and survived… but there’s no one there to see some monumental stuff-ups and lousy co-ordination on your off days! hehe

  7. Yes, I’ve had way more near misses with other motorcyclists than car drivers, every time was their fault. It is much safer to ride alone or with one other. You also can please yourself & not blindly follow others to where they want to go, & ride at your own speed.

  8. Yes solo riding is a feeling
    I have completed my soloride from kannur kerala to Tawang arunachal in 38 days
    Yes it was awsm
    Many many friend circle….. cute memories
    Nights at petrol stations and railway stations
    I,m in love wid tawang after visiting that place my mind is soo cool as the climate there

    I salute my Yamaha Fz
    For carrying me safely

    Yes tawang i,ll surely come to see you this year too wid my new Bullet 500

  9. Ride solo,do ya own thing and avoid some of the self appointed righteous bikers,who on the road,intentionally or not, restrict the very freedom you seek,and your development as an indenpendent biker. I have seen many RC “organisers” and “Road Captains” with pretty bad riding skills, leading many other poorly skilled “Bikers” causing a traffic hazard just to move from pub to pub …. not for me. i make your own luck,take responsibility for your own safety. Ride safe everyone.

  10. Yes Solo is awsm, we are making rules on road because we have no limitation . I have completed my solo ride from kochi to hampi with my blackyyyyy gixxer(also completed many solo rides in Kerala and thamilnadu) . Its my first step for leh tour needed to complete one more step ,not yet decided the place want to really go but i want to complete in this year(sept or october) . finally leh my dream

  11. My theory is that you’re always riding alone anyway so don’t see the point of riding as a pack. Better to just all agree to meet somewhere and get there under your own steam. Safer (100% focussed on what you’re doing, not others) and more relaxing to my mind.

  12. Speaking of the virus…I was filling up yesterday and two riders pulled up, filled up and went inside to pay. When they came out, Rider A is drinking from a can and offers to his mate for a swig. Thankfully the mate waved him away. Rocket scientist. Not.

  13. I just love riding by myself, went over to Perth last year from Victoria just for a ride. It was just the best as I rode along with no pressure to speed or do other silly things. I stopped for photos, fuel and breaks when I wanted and I even wild camped out on the Nullarbor, just me, the tent, and the motorcycle. Some may like it and others not but this time I even had a GPS with an MP3 player so I enjoyed my music as well, not all the time just occasional. Freedom!

  14. So true! Riding is a time to liberate yourself from all the expectations placed upon you by others. Take others with you and you’ve liberated yourself from nothing.

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