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REV'IT! 2014 Fall/Winter Clothing
Rev'it Fall Winter 2014 Preview
REV'IT! 2014 Fall/Winter Clothing Preview
by Rick K. for
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I made a quick stop at REV'IT! USA headquarters last week to check out the Fall/Winter 2014 lineup.

Yes, you read that right! It's time for winter clothing.

Hard to believe, now that summer has just begun its hot and moist grip on most of us in the northern hemisphere.

But not to worry: the Spring/Summer 2015 lineup will be ready for viewing at REV'IT! just 6 weeks from now!


The Fall/Winter REV'IT! Fall and Winter 2014 catalog is relatively slim, because most of the energy has been put into next year's clothing, which should be interesting.

In the meantime, I took a few pics of the most recently updated products in the REV'IT! "Urban" clothing line. I still need to get some samples for reviews and I've been promising that since the REV'IT! 2013 Fall/Winter preview from last September.

I'm intrigued by what's now called "Urban" motorcycle clothing because you can easily thrown on a pair of the new REV'IT! jeans, slide into a pair of the really good-looking REV'IT! boots and then top it off with, of course, a REV'IT! leather or textile jacket from the Urban lineup and you'd probably have the paparazzi chasing you down the street. Just don't forget the shades...

The best part about it is that you'll still have decent CE-rated protection while looking good at work or play.


(July 16, 2014): REV'IT! contacted me this afternoon and asked me to remove the product information on two of the jeans and another new product that originally appeared in this report. Apparently, the information and photos was not yet ready for publication and there was a mis-communication between REV'IT! headquarters in the Netherlands and the U.S. office about what could be published.

I pleaded the case, basically saying that once the information is out there, it's impossible to retract and we could just add a note or disclaimer, but the bottom line is that I was asked to pull some important information that was originally contained in this article. I'll add it back as soon as I can.

Believe me, I'm not happy about this and it's the very first time this has happened on webBikeWorld. Without that important product information, there really isn't much else and I would not have published a REV'IT! 2014 Fall/Winter preview.

But, there's nothing I can do about it at this point and I offer my sincere apologies to our readers.
Rick Korchak, Owner, Publisher and Editor.

REV'IT! Jeans for 2014

While the jeans shown below may look similar to the jeans pictured in the REV'IT! 2013 Fall/Winter preview, they've all been updated with a more "reasonable" fit.

The first generation jeans felt a little too skinny, designed for a time when soft drinks came in 8 oz. rather than 20 oz. bottles and chips were something made in a machine shop, not gobbled down by the pound.

In any case, the REV'IT! jean lineup has been right-sized for 2014 body types, and that's good news. Apparently it's working, because the jeans have been selling so fast that the retailers are having a hard time keeping them in stock.

Rev'it Nelson Jeans
Updated REV'IT! "Nelson" jeans. Note double loops for Safeway Belt connector (see text).
REV'IT! Motorcycle Jeans
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REV'IT! Boots for 2014

I've posted photos of the new REV'IT! boot lineup previously and I need to get a few pair in the shop for reviews. In the meantime, they're still about the best-looking street boots going. The news is that they've all been updated to meet CE specs for 2014.

This means the height of some of the boots has been increased and all boots have toe boxes and torsion control systems, along with ankle protectors on both sides.

Here are a few more photos of the most recent updates:

Rev'it Bleeker Boots
REV'IT! "Bleeker" boots.
Rev'it Ginza Boots
REV'IT! "Ginza" boots.
Rev'it Mohawk Boots
REV'IT! "Mohawk" boots.
Rev'it Mohawk Boots With Shift Protector
REV'IT! "Mohawk" boots come with a removable toe shift pad protector.
Rev'it Rodeo Boots
REV'IT! "Rodeo" boots.
Rev'it Stelvio Boots
REV'IT! "Stelvio" boots.
Rev'it Turini Boots
REV'IT! "Turini" boots.
wBW Video: REV'IT! 2014 Motorcycle Boots
REV'IT! Boots
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More REV'IT! Gear for 2014

Check out these leather jackets -- they'd look fantastic over a pair of jeans and the REV'IT! boots. And, you'd have pretty good protection also, especially with the Safeway Belt connector.

Rev'it Leather Jackets
REV'IT! "Roamer" leather jacket, men's on the left and ladies on the right.
Rev'it Leather Jackets
REV'IT! "Redhook" jacket on the left and "Flatbush" jacket on the right.
Rev'it Windsor Jacket
REV'IT! "Windsor" jacket. Top panels fold up to expose vents and CE protectors are included.
REV'IT! Motorcycle Clothing
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Some nice updates and the REV'IT! Urban clothing lineup is selling hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July, so I'm told. Lots more to come with the big updates and product announcements rumored for end of August, so stay tuned!

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Publication Date: July 2014

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