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Motorcycle Wheels

Motorcycle Wheels

Motorcycle wheels, custom motorcycle wheels, motorcycle chains and sprockets, chain lube, motorcycle wheel straightening and more!

Motorcycle Wheel Info

Tachyon motorcycle wheel balancer review  |  Akront wheels are back - Billet Boys is the U.S.A. distributor  |  Alpina tubeless spoked wheels for Supermoto and other bikes; here are some photos from the 2008 Dealer Expo  |  Buchanan's Spoke and Rim has custom spokes and wheel rims by Akront, D.I.D., Excel and Sun; also British bike rims and others  |  wBW Review: Carrozzeria forged racing wheels  |  Motowheels carries Marchesini, Marvic carbon fiber wheels by Blackstone; they also sell PVM wheels from Germany; check out their extensive line of carbon fiber and other go-fast parts and accessories for Ducatis and other Italian and Japanese bikes  |  Performance Machine makes disc brakes and wheels  |  Dymag wheels are now distributed through Moto Millienia and available for purchase through Oncycles  |  RC Components designs and builds motorcycle wheels | Marchesini, Brembo, Tramont and Borrani products are available at TAW; they also have super lightweight gas caps  |  Wheel Works (Garden Grove, CA) specializes in lacing and truing, stainless steel spokes powder coating and polishing and chroming; no website, call 714-530-6681  |  Perfect Plating (Camden, SC) has many chromed motorcycle wheels in stock or will chrome yours "fast"; also do chrome plating and gold plating on wheels and swingarms; no website, call 803-424-0507  |  PVM aluminum and magnesium high-tech European wheels are available at European Motorcycle Accessories  |  Weld makes forged wheels; check out their designs, they look great!

Chrome Motorcycle Wheels:  Chrome wheels in stock and chrome plating of wheels at Chrome Pros Plating  |  See also the Chrome Plating section of the wBW Motorcycle Performance Parts page  |  AAA Rims will chrome plate your motorcycle wheels  |  Santa Ana Plating will chrome plate motorcycle wheels, swingarms, gas tanks or plastic  |  Exchange your sportbike wheels for chrome wheels at the Chrome Wheel Exchange  |  Chrome plated wheels, engine covers, footpegs, frames, swingarms and more at Tara Motorsports

wBW Video: Polishing Chrome Wheels

Gold Plated Motorcycle Wheels: Chrome and gold plating at Goldies, with photos!

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Wheels: BlackStone Tech carbon fiber wheels have hollow spokes and are TUV certified and DOT and JWL compliant  |  DyMag has been making performance wheels for over 30 years; they manufacture carbon fiber wheels and will make custom high-performance motorcycle wheels; see the wBW review of Dymag carbon fiber wheels

Motorcycle Chains and Sprockets:  See the wBW maintenance article on replacing a motorcycle chain and sprocket  |  AFAM USA has front and rear sprockets, chains, 520 chain conversion kits  |  We used a DID X-ring chain on the Thunderbird Sport replacement and it works well and is nice-looking  |  Pro-tek has all sorts of sprockets; they also have anodized sprockets in Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, and Violet; Pro-tek also has rearsets; Pro-Lite footpegs; clip on handlebars; bar-ends; bar-end sliders; reservoir caps; frame protectors;front sprockets; and swing arm spools  |  Regina Chain - Good chains, but Flash and graphics-intensive site makes for slow downloads  |  Sidewinder Sprockets has titanium laser cut sprockets; they also sell chains and have some good technical info on chains and sprockets on their website  |  The Sprocket Center has anodized sprockets, anodized nuts and bolts, chains, Galfer brake products, chain tools and more  |  Large selection of motorcycle chains and sprockets, including sprocket and chain kits, at Kevins Cycle Racing; they also have motorcycle chain cleaner and chain lube

Motorcycle Chain Lubes and Oil:  On the wBW Motorcycle Oil page

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Motorcycle Wheel Straightening

Motorcycle Wheel Straightening: M.C. Wheels does wheel straightening; owner Mark Moran has "designed and built all my wheel machines, and get wheels within half a millimeter which is well within factory tolerances"  |  Kosman does wheel widening and also conversion kits for wider wheels  |  David Moore Wheel Service (CA) has 25 years' experience in straightening alloy wheels; no website, call 760-240-3543  |  Frame Straight Systems straightens motorcycle wheels and other component parts; they guarantee to straighten your wheels to within 0.008" or there's no charge and they ship it back to you for free; they claim most wheels can be straightened from 0.001" - 0.004"  |  Wire Wheels Motorcycle Service builds wheels, does wheel truing and can do sand or bead blasting of motorcycle wheels; they will also build BMW tubeless wire wheels  |  Woody's Wheel Works specializes in repairing and restoring magnesium, aluminum and spoked wheels

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