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Terra Circa

Terra Circa motorcycle touring video

Terra Circa
Aim Image Productions
DVD (24.99), 120 minutes with extras
Filmed on location by the participants.

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Terra Circa is the sequel to Mondo Enduro.  This is another fantastic tale and a story that all motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists alike will enjoy.

As if the British Mondo Enduro concept wasn't crazy enough, it had to be done again!  A new group of riders takes over and once again takes the long way 'round, from London to New York City, via Europe, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Siberia!

A wacky and wild tale, this one is just about as good as Mondo Enduro, but the filming and direction is a bit better.  Some of the on-bike camera work is simply amazing!  The Terra Circa crew are like throwbacks from the past -- adventurers that today are only alive in the pages of history.  Very few of us indeed could do this; living off the land, fixing serious mechanical breakdowns in the middle of nowhere and still be smiling.  It's refreshing to see that, in a small way, there are still adventurers out there that bring back memories of the great treks of the past.

It's a shame that Aim Image Productions wasn't able to get better distribution on both of these videos.  They are both world-class stories and would make a prime-time feature hit on any TV station in the world.  Both Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa are highly recommended, and either (or both) would make a great Holiday present for your favorite motorcyclist!

webBikeWorld has no connection with the producers of this video, financial or otherwise.  All I can say is that this is a ripping good tale, and I highly recommend it. 

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