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Sena Bluetooth Action Camera

Sena Bluetooth Action Camera
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Sena Bluetooth Action Camera Announced

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October 2, 2013 -  The news has leaked; we've been trying to hold the secret but word got out that the Sena Bluetooth Action Camera will be formally announced at the upcoming AIMExpo show in Orlando, Florida on October 17.

UPDATE: Here's the report on the Sena Action Cam from the AIMExpo.

We'll be there and we'll have one of the new Sena Bluetooth Action Cameras for a review as soon as possible (a new Garmin Virb camera is also currently in the webBikeWorld review queue).

Not much is known at this point about the Sena Bluetooth Action Camera, other than Sena is claiming that this may be "the world's first Bluetooth Action Camera". Not sure what that means but we'll find out.

Sena has several other ground-breaking products that will be announced at the AIMExpo show, but we've been sworn to secrecy until October 15th!

The Sena Bluetooth Action Camera basic specifications are:

Sena Bluetooth Action Camera Front View With LCD Screen

Sena Bluetooth Action Camera Side View

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