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Motorcycle Pet Carrier

Motorcycle Pet Carrier - Rear View
Motorcycle Pet Carrier With Top Open

Motorcycle Pet Carrier

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by Lori B. for

I remember a long time ago when the automobile manufacturers would give away toy models of their new car line each fall.

My brother had dozens and he probably wishes he still had them packed away in the attic because I'm sure they're valuable collector's items by now.

That marketing concept is still used now and again, because every once and a while I'll come across a toy, a model or a miniature of some product used for a display or as an attention-getter to attract potential buyers.

So when I first laid eyes on this Wags motorcycle pet carrier, I thought it was actually a miniature horse trailer that was designed for a display to maybe catch the attention of a passerby.

"Too cute" is an understatement for this little guy -- it's not a miniature horse trailer at all (unless, that is, you have a really, really miniature horse!) but a motorcycle pet carrier!  At least that's what I'll call it. It can also be used as a motorcycle cargo trailer, but this version is specifically designed as a pet carrier.

Now I'm not sure if my pampered pets would be happy back there, but it's perfect for a motorcycle rider who can't be without their dog or cat, or maybe their lizard, snake or maybe even their pet parrot.

The Wags motorcycle pet carrier is not a toy -- in fact, it has excellent quality and is extremely well made, much better, actually, than many of the real horse trailers I've been looking at recently.

It's not inexpensive by any means, but it's available with the same options that can be found on the big boys.

This includes things like chrome wheels with cool-looking spinner hubcaps, stainless steel tongue and bumper and real sliding windows with screens that open for ventilation.

Also included are top and side vents, a cooler (shown on the front of the carrier in these photos) and different styles of rear doors and more.

You can even order a custom paint job to match your bike or -- get this -- a solar powered roof vent and fan! 

The Wags motorcycle pet carrier can be custom ordered to fit different sized pets according to the customer's needs.

The partition can either be left in place for storage for pet food or other gear, or the entire carrier can be used as a motorcycle cargo trailer instead.

The inside of the carrier is lined with insulation and carpeting and the bottom is covered with 2" of foam padding. The carpet is removable for cleaning.

The base price for the Wags motorcycle pet carrier is $3,095.00, which may seem steep, but like I said, this thing is built to last. Check them out at Dale Coyner's Open Road Outfitters. Dale is also thinking about renting both the motorcycle pet carrier and his other line of motorcycle trailers, so if you're interested, give him a call.

By the way, we purchased a Rocket fold-up motorcycle trailer from Dale and we'll be reporting on that soon!

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Product Review:  Motorcycle Pet Carrier
Available From:  Wags Custom Trailers Suggested Retail Price:  $3,095.00 (Base)
Colors:  White or Black. Custom paint extra. Made in:  U.S.A.
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