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Sena Universal Intercom

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Sena Universal Intercom
Above: Sena Intercoms. Press Release and Photos Edited by webBikeWorld.com.

Sena Announces Universal Intercom With Cross-Brand Compatibility
Will Be Available Via Firmware Update to Sena Intercom Owners!

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UPDATE (February 2014): Sena SMH10B Version 5.0 Firmware Update Now Available!

(Nov. 4, 2013) - Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor activities market, has released a Universal Intercom feature for their full product line.

The Universal Intercom is a unique technology to the industry, as it provides cross-brand interoperability to intercom users with conference intercom capability.

Sena also announced today the Sena H-Talk Intercom for HJC Helmets (report) and the X-COM and SX-COM intercoms for Nexx helmets (report). The Sena Universal Intercom feature will be available on the new Nexx and HJC intercom systems also for complete cross-brand compatibility.

The advanced technology helps continue to establish Sena as the leader in the Bluetooth communication market.

"Sena’s mission towards innovative products and advanced technology has allowed us to continue to provide technological upgrades to our current products as well as all-new products coming to market. Motorcycle Bluetooth systems have improved dramatically, however, the users have not been able to pair two different brands of motorcycle Bluetooth systems. This is unfortunate" said Sam Kim, Vice President of Marketing, Sena Technologies Inc.

"The Universal Intercom feature allows Sena users to have intercom conversations with other brand Bluetooth systems. It enables Sena users to talk with universal Bluetooth headsets as well."

The Universal Intercom is a key function of Sena’s headsets and allows riders to communicate via conference intercom with non-Sena Bluetooth products.

It reaches a distance of 200 meters (220 yards) to 700 meters (760 yards), depending on the performance of the non-Sena Bluetooth device.

The Universal Intercom feature will be provided from the new firmware, and all upcoming new products will be equipped with this new feature.

It will be available starting with the v5.0 firmware update of both the Sena SMH10 intercom (review) and Sena SPH10 intercom (review) and v2.0 firmware of the Sena SMH5 intercom (review) and Sena SMH5FM intercom (review).

The new firmware will be released in December, and current Sena users can obtain the new technology with a simple firmware upgrade.

Sena Bluetooth Intercoms
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Sena Universal Intercom Notes

UPDATE (February 2014): Sena SMH10B Version 5.0 Firmware Update Now Available!

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Sena Bluetooth Intercoms
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