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New RK GXW Series Motorcycle Chain

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RK GXW Series Motorcycle Chain
RK Excel America Press Release and Photos Edited by webBikeWorld.com
 20,000 Mile Warranty for RK GXW Series Chains

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October, 2011 (The Editor) -  We receive many press releases about new products, but only a very few attract my attention and the claim that RK Excel America warranties their new GXW Series chain for 20,000 miles did just that.

I sent them an email to ask about the specifics of the warranty like, for example, does the chain need a specific lube schedule to meet the warranty and if so, how would they tell if the chain has been properly serviced by the owner?

The response I received was a bit vague: "Your original purchase of (the) RK Sealed-Ring Chain is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 20,000 miles of street riding or one year of off-road use. User must return warranty card which is enclosed with chain. Racing voids warranty. Chain must be properly installed and maintained to qualify for warranty. Negligence, mis-use, and/or improper installation will void warranty."

How they know whether it was "properly installed and maintained" is a mystery, but nevertheless, they apparently have some confidence in the chain to offer a warranty such as this.

Here's the full press release, such as it is:

RKs premium "XW"-ring chains are the best high-speed, extreme heat performance chains available today.

The "XW"-ring features three lubrication pools to protect against high-speed abrasion, heat build up, torsional flex and the loss of lubricant, the result is a longer lasting high performance chain.

RKs GXW series chains eliminates the risk of seal failure on the highest performance machines and provides the user with a 50% longer wear life compared to standard O-ring chains.

Available in sizes 520, 525 and 530, the GXW comes with RKs exclusive 20,000 mile warranty. Available in Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange. Retail prices start at $130.99 (for 120  links non-gold 520). For more information, contact RK Excel America.

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