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American Industries Terp Citrus Solvent

Terp Citrus Solvent

Manufacturer: American Industries Retail Price: Unknown
Type: Aerosol can, 15 oz. (425 g) Made In: U.S.A.
Category:  Degreaser, cleaner, tar remover
Manufacturer's Information
Claims - "Pure organic power".  Removes grease, tar, asphalt, inks, oils, adhesives, gaskets, decals.
For Use On - Metal surfaces.
Claimed Features - Cleans fingerprints, oil, film and other solids. 
Application -  Spray on to surface thoroughly.  For heavy dirt, allow time to penetrate.  May affect some plastic and painted surfaces.
Our Opinions
American Industries (Lumberton, North Carolina) is a large manufacturer of many different types of industrial cleaners and solvents.  We were contacted by them and they suggested we pick a selection of products to try for motorcycle use. 

Terp Citrus Solvent is an industrial-grade product and can be ordered through the manufacturer, although we're not sure if there is a minimum order quantity. 

Has a vague citrus/petroleum smell.  Clear spray is very easy to apply.  Works well on chrome exhausts and wheels, but doesn't remove the tough caked-on dirt that usually requires physical removal with some type of scrubbing agent or mild abrasive polish.

Works well on metal surfaces.  Removed the gas stains on Bing carburetors, commonly found on older BMW motorcycles.  Removes grime and oil stains on unpainted engine parts. 

Score:  3/5

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