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Meguiar's Quik Wax

Meguiar's Quick Wax

Manufacturer:  Meguiar's Retail Price:  $5.99
Type:  Spray bottle, 473 ml (16 oz.) Made In:  U.S.A.
Category:  Wax, polish
Manufacturer's Information
Claims - "Creates deep gloss with carnauba wax protection."
For Use On - Painted surfaces.
Claimed Features - "Mist and wipe.  Wax your car in minutes.  Deepens the color of your paint.  Gently cleans the surface, removing light oxidation and swirls."

Application -  Spray thin mist on wet or dry painted surfaces.  Spread with clean, soft, terry cloth towel.  Allow to dry to a haze and buff out.
Our Opinions
One of our old favorite "quick spray and wax" detailers.  We use it only on pre-cleaned surfaces, like after we've washed the motorcycle but don't feel like doing a complete wax or polish. 

The Meguiar's Quick Wax spray is very easy to use, smells good and leaves a nice shine, but it doesn't last anywhere near as long as a proper wax or polish.

This product is readily available at a discount in most auto parts stores and other retailers.  The correct spelling of this product is Meguiar's Quik Wax (without the "c" in quick).

Score:  3/5

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