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Heated Motorcycle Clothing

Welcome to the wBW Heated Motorcycle Clothing Reviews index!

This page includes a listing of our heated motorcycle clothing reviews, battery heated clothing reviews, wind-blocking shirt reviews and more.

This includes vests, gloves, jacket liners and socks.

Battery operated (wireless) motorcycle heated clothing is a convenient way to stay warm without draining precious electrical power on your bike.

Reviews are listed from most recent to oldest:

Battery Heated Clothing Reviews

Wired Heated Clothing Reviews

Wind Blocking Clothing Reviews

Motorcycle Thermals and Underwear Reviews

Heated Clothing
Heated Grips

Heated Motorcycle Clothing Information and Resources

Cold Weather Clothing:  wBW reviews of many winter clothing items, including battery powered heated vests and gloves, wind blockers, motorcycle underwear and more  |  Windproof Underwear for Cold Weather Riding by Bikers Comfort in Action and Rukka  |  1st Heat is a new heated motorcycle clothing manufacturer with vests, jacket liners, gloves and more  |  Hot Chillys makes many different types of underwear for cold weather  |  Schampa's "All Weather Gear" has balaclavas, dickies, gloves, glove liners, headwear, thermals, jackets and vests and more  |  Kneenecks are easy-on/off gaiters for your knees to protect them in cold and/or wet weather  |  Knox "Coldkiller" windproof clothing, gloves, balaclavas and neck warmers (wBW review)  |  Mugz makes fleece neck/chest warmers; helmet liners and other cool weather clothing  |  Silk fabric is a good liner for use underneath cold weather clothing; I use a WinterSilks balaclava, and it's actually more comfortable with it on than it is with it off!  Highly recommended  |  REI has a nice selection of thermal underwear of different weights and fabrics; also socks  |  Polartec-lined jeans are available at Maverick Mountain; others sell them, but these folks advertise in motorcycle magazines |  Skin Clothing uses Zurga technology in their winter thermal underwear  |  Silk glove liners and/or Balaclavas are really comfortable to wear under clothing in the winter; check 'em out at Wintersilks, Land's End or REI  |  Web Foots Body Sock Polar Fleece thermal underwear at Carol Davis Sportswear, made in the U.S.A.  |  WarmX heated underwear uses a new technology where a very low current is passed through metal fibers to warm the skin

Heated Motorcycle Clothing
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Motorcycle Heated Clothing Sources:  Road Rider has many brands of clothing and other motorcycle accessories  |  ActivHeat makes battery heated vests, jackets and glove liners that look interesting and are reasonably priced  |  Aerostich makes the Kanetsu heated vest; a heated jacket liner and has heated clothing accessories  |  BMW makes a heated vest; the price is reasonable and it can be ordered through any BMW motorcycle dealer  |  Gerbing's makes popular heated clothing; and they have a service that will wire your existing gloves; Kreamer Sports made heated vests; they've been purchased by Gerbing   |  Harley-Davidson has some reasonably priced heated clothing; available at dealers  |  Keis Heated Apparel (UK) has body warmers, heated insoles, heated glove liners and more  |  Klan heated gloves, vests, socks and jackets  |  Gears Canada heated clothing  |  Widder makes some nice heated clothing also  |  Gorix was back and is gone again.  This conductive carbon-fiber fabric is claimed to provide a much more even level of heat; the Cassiar vest was once sold in the U.S. and used Gorix fabric  |  Extreme Comfort battery operated heated gloves, socks and more  |  Check out the Body Warmer heat strip  |  Instructions on making your own heated clothing  |  Warm & Safe has an interesting leather and fabric jacket liner with heated sleeves; they also carry heated gloves and they make the Heat-Troller control

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