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Motorcycle Detailing Made Easy - wBW Book Review

Motorcycle Detailing Made Easy

by David Jacobs
Paperback: 143 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 0.36 x 10.44 x 8.34 
Publisher: Whitehorse Press; (August 2002) 
ISBN: 1884313353

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A friend of mine owns this book, and although some of the tips are common sense, they may not be common knowledge.  He says there are some other tips in the book that he found very useful.  

The Amazon blurb says: "Whether you want to return your bike to showroom condition, get it ready to sell, or prepare it for a custom show, this book will help you learn what cleaning a bike is all about. Plenty of photos are included to illustrate all the procedures. Learn the tricks that will help you make your bike look great and keep it looking great."

wBW Rating:  Not yet reviewed.

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