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Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Studies and Reports:  U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) list of sample helmets tested for compliance for the years 2000-2005; interesting list, check to see if your helmet has passed or failed! (Note: .pdf file; not all helmets are on this list, only the brands/models chosen at random for compliance testing  |  More helmet safety information on the wBW Motorcycle Helmet page

NHTSA Motorcycle Helmet Safety Articles:  NHTSA's Motorcycle Safety Programs home page  |  "Evaluation of the Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Kentucky and Louisiana" by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration"  DOT HS 809 530, October 2003  |  Also "Recent Trends in Fatal Motorcycle Crashes" DOT HS 809 271 released and published June 2001. Note: it's a pretty large file, so it may take a few minutes if you're using a modem; you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it   |  "Motorcycle Helmets: The Facts of Life" - read this interesting summary of the benefits of motorcycle helmets by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  |  Also read "Without Motorcycle Helmets, We All Pay the Price"  |  Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws  |  Index of NHTSA research articles on motorcycle safety  |  "A Literature Review on Motorcycle Collisions: Final Report" (.pdf file) by B. Huang and J. Preston, Transport Studies Unit, Oxford University 2004  |  University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Driver Interface Group has several interesting articles on driver distraction; Dr. Paul Green, the Director of the department, is a leader in the research of driver distraction caused by cell phones.  Studies indicate that hands-free cell phones may not be safer, and, in fact, may be more dangerous because other drivers lose the visual warning aid of a driver with a cell phone at their ear (i.e., potentially distracted driver)  |  Motorcycle safety tips from the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center, edited by Pat Hahn ("Ride Hard, Ride Smart")

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