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Zero Electric Motorcycle Racing to Start at The One Motorcycle Show

Electric Motorcycle racing by Zero Motorcycles

Electricity Intensifies

Zero Motorcycles will hold its first-ever Electric National competition during the motorcycle races at The One Motorcycle Show 2020. Only electric motorcycles will be allowed to compete in the race. The field will be filled by top-level racers and national-level riders. Cash prizes will be awarded.

Currently, there’s no information about who will race or what kind of bikes they will race. Because Zero Motorcycles is behind the event, I’d assume at least some of the bikes (if not all) will be Zero models. The racing will take place on February 8, and tickets for the event or the entire weekend are available. If you don’t want to spend the whole weekend or even the whole day at the event, you can get just race tickets. For more race-day info on all the races, click here

While I don’t know much about the electric bike races at this time, it’s cool to see Zero getting in the mix here. The races held at the event are awesome. There’s everything from kid racing to minibike racing (all ages) to full pro racing with cash prizes on bikes of various displacements. If you can make it to The One Motorcycle Show 2020, I highly suggest you do so.