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You Can Now Rent an Indian Motorcycle From the Dealer

Indian Motorcycle Rentals

Get Ready to Have Some Fun

Need a bike for a day? Want to ride around on the Indian of your dreams for while without buying? The company now has a way for you to do that. You can rent the Indian Motorcycle model that you want at a participating dealer. The company recently announced its new rental program, giving riders a new option.

There are nine dealerships currently participating in the U.S. This means that if you live near one of these locations you have the option to rent any bike the dealer has available. Rental durations depend on the dealer and bike availability. You can rent for as short as four hours or as long as several weeks in some cases. Dealer fleets will be refreshed every 12 to 18 months, meaning you can expect the latest and greatest models.

“Whether local or from out of town, Indian Motorcycle Rentals provides a premium experience for riders in need of a bike,” said Reid Wilson, Sr. Director Marketing and Product Development for Indian Motorcycle.

Insurance is included as part of the fee. You do need a motorcycle endorsement, a full-face helmet (which the dealer can rent as well), long pants, and closed-toe shoes at a minimum.

This is a cool opportunity offered by Indian Motorcycle. I would assume more dealers will take advantage of this in the future. There isn’t one very close to me at the moment, but if a location does open up, I’d be interested in trying it out. To learn more, head over to Indian’s website.