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The Yamaha MT-07 Finally Unveils Itself Following MT-09

2021 yamaha mt-07

MT-07 Hit With the ‘Headlight Treatment’

Last week I covered the release of the newly updated MT-09 from Yamaha. During the time since I’ve been able to witness a ton of discussion around the overall design and visual appearance of the bike. I was trying to be optimistic and impartial as possible, stating that the motorcycle has some good looking characteristics. But the internet has spoken, and they are not as happy as I expected them to be.

The new 2021 MT-09 for comparison / context

As an FJ-09 owner myself, I’m included in more FZ-09/MT-09 groups on Facebook than I can count on both hands. Since the official debut of the new MT-09, I’ve had my news feed clogged to the absolute limit with chatter regarding the new MT-09 design, and I’m not going to lie… People aren’t exactly thrilled with how it looks. At all. I’m sure there are many of you who don’t mind it. Personally, I don’t hate nor love it. One thing I am not excited about though is another week-long posting spree because Yamaha decided to transfer this interesting headlight styling to this new MT-07.

2021 MT-07

The new MT-07 that was debuted today shares the same LED cyclops headlight assembly as it’s bigger brother, a new LCD display, upgraded ECU resulting in better fuel injection, new tires and handlebars, and a big upgrade to the front brake assembly at the cost of an extra 3 pounds (giving the motorcycle a total weight of 406 lbs).

2021 MT-07

The engine remains virtually identical to last year’s model, but similarly to the new MT-09, the tank now integrates the air duct design.

Yamaha has done everything right with these new motorcycles beyond the front headlight oddity (you guys said it, not me… I don’t mind it at all). The side-profile is undeniably beautiful and aggressive, plus it’s all packaged around the legendary parallel-twin engine that has made the 07 series so popular.

New updates are always welcomed, especially taking into account they’re coming to such a prolific pre-existing package. I’m interested to hear what our reader’s thoughts/opinions are on the new headlight design that has carried over across all three models. Let me know! If you enjoy it, ill eat my hat and update the article to reflect that.

The 2021 MT-07 will be ready for purchase in January 2021 at the cost of $7,699.