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Wizards Shine Master

Wizards Shine Master

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Manufacturer’s Information
Category:  Liquid polish
Manufacturer: Wizards Products
Type: Squeeze bottle, 16 oz. (473 ml)
Retail Price: $16.45
Made In: U.S.A.
Owner Comments:  Below

Claims – “Show Gloss; Removes Swirls; Easy On – Easy Off; Durable Polymer Protection; Safe for Freshly Painted Surfaces.”

For Use On – “Safe and recommended for clear coat, stripes and decals, fiberglass, Lexan, Plexiglas and other non-porous surfaces.”
Claimed Features – “Recommended as a wax replacement, swirl mark remover or finishing glaze by hand or machine.”
Application –  Spread thin layer on clean surface.  Allow to dry to haze, approx. 3-5 minutes.  Buff with microfiber cloth (included).
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Our Opinions

Wizards Shine Master is their basic polish.  It doesn’t seem much different at first than many other polishes we’ve tried, and it reminds us of Meguair’s Gold Class Clear Coat Car Wax, a commercially available product.  It’s easy to apply using a soft, clean terry cloth towel or microfiber cloth.  We used small, circular motions and took more time rubbing it in than we normally would with a polish like Gold Class.

Unlike the Glare Professional Polish, Wizards Shine Master doesn’t seem to disappear into the surface (actually, Glare doesn’t really do that either, but comes close) and the directions don’t call for rubbing it in until it disappears, but we felt like we should take our time to maximize the spider web scratch mark reduction properties.

We noticed that Shine Master doesn’t necessarily remove small amounts of bug residue or dirt as well as other polishes we’ve tried; we surmise that Shine Master does not contain abrasives or cleaning chemicals.

It buffs out easily, but doesn’t leave a finish much different than other high-quality polishes we’ve tried.  Wizards recommends using more than one application for a deeper shine and following up the treatment with Wizards Supreme Seal Paint Sealant (see below).

Rick’s Note:  Shine Master has a strong “fruity” aroma that I find overwhelming.  After we treated two motorcycles and a car in an open garage, my eyes were burning and continued to bother me for about 24 hours.  I’ve since become very sensitive to the aroma of Shine Master and Supreme Seal (which has a very strong “grape” and “fruity” aroma.

I had to remove the clothes I was wearing and put them in the wash to get away from the smell.  I’m normally not allergic, but I am slightly sensitive to perfume and other smells.  So “odor aware” Francine Fishpaw types take note!

Conclusion: By itself, Wizards Shine Master seems to do a good job and it’s easy to apply and remove.  It reminds us of good quality commercially available products, such as Meguair’s Gold Class.  But where it really comes into its own is when it’s followed up with a coat or two of Wizards Supreme Seal Paint Sealant.

Score: 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 5 when used with Wizards Supreme Seal Paint Sealant

Review Date:  October 2007

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Owner Comments and Feedback

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From “P” (5/09):  “Wizards Shine Master!  I love it.  Especially on a fresh painted job.  I can buff out the paint and will always find tell tale small amounts of swirl marks no matter how hard I try not to get them.  I can wipe a small amount of Shine Master over the paint job and the marks are gone and the paint looks so much deeper and glasslike.

Shine Master also does not seal off the paint, but it still lets the paint dry which eliminates hazing later down the road.”