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Do you wear cosmetics when riding?

ambassador for Covergirl Cosmetics is American pro racer Shelina Moreda

The latest ambassador for Covergirl Cosmetics is American pro racer Shelina Moreda who claims she races with make-up on.

It’s great to see a female motorcycle racer getting some attention!

In announcing her new role with Covergirl, Shelina says her make-up sets her apart from the guys on the grid.

“All you can see are my eyes peering out of my helmet,” she says.ambassador for Covergirl Cosmetics is American pro racer Shelina Moreda

“Having my makeup on makes me feel pretty. More importantly, it makes me feel strong, and confident.

“As a female athlete who competes in the male-dominated world of racing, I’m proud and stoked to represent a brand who allows me to stand up and say that it is powerful to feel pretty.”ambassador for Covergirl Cosmetics is American pro racer Shelina Moreda

Shelina is not only pretty, but also a pretty good professional racer in the USA, China, Qatar, Japan, and Europe.

She is the first female to race a motorcycle at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was part of the first female team to complete a Suzuka endurance race and the first female to race the Zhuhai International Circuit in China.ambassador for Covergirl Cosmetics is American pro racer Shelina Moreda

Cosmetics cause concern

However, her comments about cosmetics raise safety concerns about wearing make-up when you are riding.

We have experienced problems with sunscreen dribbling into our eyes when we started to sweat, so what happens with make-up, especially eyeliner and mascara?

Apparently there is make-up that won’t dribble when you sweat, but does it prevent the natural sweating process?

Mrs MBW doesn’t wear make-up when riding as she says it gets on the liner of her helmet. That will reduce the life of the lining and therefore the crash integrity of the helmet.

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Aussie racers comments

We also asked a couple of Aussie female racers what they thought about wearing cosmetics; Australian Superbike Championship rider Di Jones and former Canadian ice-racing and enduro champion Leigh Hutton.

Di Jones tackles Superbike championships comsetics
Di Jones

“I’m not a fan of wearing foundation so I couldn’t imagine wearing it while racing,” she says.

“Yuck! Not only would it sweat off, it would make a mess of the inside of the helmet.

“I guess being a model she (Shelina) has to wear it, but I tend to go racing for racing’s sake so never really worry about how I look.”

Leigh agrees that riding is no place for cosmetics.

Leigh Hutton, author of The Go Girls Chronicles female rider cosmetics
Leigh Hutton, author of The Go Girls Chronicles

“I don’t know how you could or WHY you would wear make-up when racing!” she says.

“Would definitely run into your eyes, sting, clog your pores etc. Could actually be dangerous!

“I never wore make-up when riding and imagine the ‘guys’ would take a female rider less seriously/pay her out if she did.”

  • What do you think about wearing cosmetics while riding? Leave your comments below.
  1. I ride to work and work in an office as a manager so have to be well presented at work. I wear makeup and have not had any issues, hadn’t even given it a second thought until I read this article. I think it had nothing to do with whether you ride or not. Di Jones doesn’t usually wear foundation so wouldn’t wear it while riding which is fair enough. All that matters is that you are comfortable, safe and happy with yourself

  2. “She also spends time inspiring and empowering other people to do what they love, as she runs an all-female motorcycle skills school that focuses on building confidence in girls to push past barriers and reach their individual goals. Shelina puts on She’z Moto Camps, a school designed to build confidence and empowerment in girls and women through motorcycles. You can keep up with Shelina on her website”

  3. Having a dirty helmet liner is not only stinky but it’s dangerous as the bacteria can cause some nice skin problems (I imagine even moreso for the fairer sex) …add cosmetics into the mix and it could really cause some of our lovely ladies a real irritation.
    If wearing makeup makes the ladies feel better and they’re happy to pull out their liners and wash them then go for it…!

  4. Why did you have to say “Not only is she pretty…” that’s such a shitty comment. She’s an amazing rider and an amazing person for the things she doses. I’ve never seen you mention that a man is “Not only handsome…but he rides!”.
    Double standards much?

  5. I had never thought to wear make-up while riding from the simple fact of getting foundation inside my helmet. And as a requirement of work I must have a full face on everyday. If there was make-up you could wear that wouldn’t come off on the inside of your helmet I’d be up for that. Otherwise each to their own, whatever makes you feel comfortable but more importantly safe.

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