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wBW Weekly News Round-Up: June 1 to June 7 Edition

Automatic Power is the New Black

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The end of Q2 has blasted us straight through to the beginning of June as America’s favorite lactose-laden food group takes over the calendar (source: WinCalendar)!

With World Milk Day (June 1st), National Egg Day (June 3rd), and National Cheese Day (June 4th) now behind us, we turn from calcium-obsessed celebrations to show off our big bones in anticipation of World Motorcycle Day, June 21st

In honor of our very own up-and-coming calendar day, wBW brings you the week’s moto news highlights, including:

  • Whispers of an automatic adventure bike from KTM.
  • Confirmation that the Bavarians will soon be chucking out a 2025 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure with the option of automatic transmission.
  • Cardo’s PACKTALK PRO Challenge
  • Marc Marquez’s decision to move from Gresini Racing to a spot beside Bagnaia on Ducati Lenovo.
  • What Ducati’s up to with their new Scrambler concepts, and when/if we can expect to see the things (Hint – not anytime soon).

Oh – and as if this weren’t enough, Ducati’s also working on phasing out their 1100 Sport Pro. 

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Fast Filings: KTM is Working On an Automatic-Manual Adventure Motorcycle

A motorcyclist on a prototype motorcycle.
A view of KTM’s AMT prototype. Media provided by KTM.

Automatic motorcycles: Love it or leave the left lever alone?

Simmer on your answer while we update you on the bike KTM recently debuted at Europe’s largest enduro event, the 2024 Red Bull Erzbergrodeo. 

According to the web page KTM’s dedicated to this new bit of tech (and the connected Youtube vid), our good Austrians will soon show off an “Automatic Manual” adventure bike called the KTM AMT. 

The bike is scheduled for some sort of soft launch on September 24th, with KTM’s website offering a countdown and the phrase, “NEW TECHNOLOGY IS ON THE WAY FOR KTM ENTHUSIASTS TO ENJOY.”

For reference, here’s the brand’s descriptive text from Erzbergrodeo:

“Something very special took on the iconic Iron Giant. The new, innovative KTM AMT made its debut with enduro legend Johhny Aubert steering the bike up the formidable Iron Road Prologue at the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo.

New technology is on the way!”

– KTM, “The KTM AMT makes its debut at Red Bull Erzbergrodeo!” (YouTube)

If this bike is truly what’s Dennis Chung is anticipating, we could be getting the answer to BMW’s R 1300 GS and R 1300 GS Adventure, as Chung expects these machines to come with optional automatic transmissions. 

FYI, the KTM AMT still carries an option for the rider’s foot, and we see a “DOWN” switch on the left handlebar, bringing to mind Honda’s DCT tech on their Goldwing. If the AMT is anything like the GoldWing’s tech, Manual Mode will provide riders with an option to flick between gears and shift on command. 

Bottom line, we’re excited to see what this new transmission means for our good bleedin’ Orange fans. 

Speak of the Devil: BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Confirmed for MY2025

Two motorcyclists
A view of two BMW R 1300 GS motorcycles. Media sourced from BMW.

How do we feel about automatic transmission options for BMW bikes? 

While KTM has been revving their big-bore Automatic Manual transmission at Red Bull’s enduro event, BMW’s been dawdling along with their answer to the recently debuted R 1300 GS – and now, we hear that this new adventure offering could carry the option of automatic transmission tech. Sourced again by the incomparable Dennis Chung at, BMW’s new chonky, 1300cc sweetheart has been recently confirmed via homologation documents for the 2025 model year. 

In the Swiss papers, Chung points out imagery showing implementation of BMW’s recently-revealed, brand-new Automated Shift Assistant system (ASA). 

The competition between this bike and KTM’s AMT is further amplified with the knowledge that BMW plans on offering their Beemers a choice: Installing a traditional six-speed transmission, or chucking in BMW’s new ASA tech. 

As to further evidence that the 2025 R 1300 GS Adventure is KTM AMT’s competitor, Chung leaves the following opinion: 

“When BMW announced ASA, it used photos of a red model with hand guards but bodywork that did not appear to match the R 1300 GS. 

We theorized [at the time] that the pictures were actually of the GS Adventure, and the certification data suggests that might be the case.”

– Dennis Chung, “2025 BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Confirmed in Homologation Filings” (

What do you think? Will BMW keep ASA tech for their bigger bikes?

Cardo’s PACKTALK PRO Challenge

A view of Cardo's PACKTALK PRO.
A view of Cardo’s PACKTALK PRO. Media provided by Cardo.


I should probably preface this article by reminding y’all that wBW is not sponsored by any gear brands. We cover what we want to, when we want to. Today, the promise of free stuff is married to one of our absolute fave comm companie, Cardo Systems. 

According to the recent press release, Cardo’s PACKTALK PRO Challenge, people who log 400 Miles on their RISER app by June 17th will be entered to win one of the twelve prizes on offer, including:

  • A PACKTALK PRO (First Place)
  • APACKTALK EDGE (Second Place)
  • A year of Riser for free (10 additional spots for this perk)

A reminder that Cardo’s new PACKTAKL PRO comes with the following features/perks: 

  • Crash Detection. 
      • Silently watching over you when you need it the most. 
  • Auto On/Off. 
      • We got it figured out so you don’t have to.  
  • Sound by JBL audio system with 45mm speakers. 
      • Big sound is back!  
  • Air Mount. Patented magnetic mount. 
      • Simple and secure. 
  • 2nd Generation DMC. 
      • Easy grouping. Auto healing. Best sounding intercom.
  • Natural Voice Operation. 
      • Just talk, your unit will do the rest. 
  • IP67 Waterproof. 
      • Tough design with the highest standard. 
  • Live Bluetooth Intercom. 
      • Wideband sound, self-healing connection with a range of up to 1.6km/1 mi. 
  • Over-The-Air Software Updates. 
      • No cables needed, ever! 
  • 3-year warranty. 
      • For your peace of mind. 
  • Seamlessly connects with any other major brand. 

Y’all have 11 days left to log your 400 miles, so get going and let us know if you sign up!

​​MotoGP: Marc Marquez Signs Two-Year Contract with Ducati Factory Efforts

Marc Marquez
Marc Marquez sitting in front of Team Red backdrop Inspo! Media provided by MotoGP.

Ant of Cervera to Touch Knee for Ducati Lenovo

Marquez has officially moved from Gresini satellite support to swing up alongside Bagnaia for Lenovo’s factory efforts!

The eight-time World Champion will soon be following in the tire tracks of giants in the MotoGP scrapbook; in plain English, MotoGP is sniffing out a fantastic two years for Marquez, per the below prediction:

Three names in particular stick out: Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. All three achieved at least two MotoGP™ title wins, and all have their own story to tell when they donned Bologna red. 

– “Marc Marquez and Ducati: another all-time great dons red” (MotoGP).

Per the expected, Marquez is very happy with his new Team Red obligations, making the following statement below: 

“I am very happy to be able to wear the red colours of the factory Ducati team in MotoGP next season. 

Basically, from the first contact with the Desmosedici GP, I enjoyed riding it and adapted well straight away. From that moment on, I knew that my goal was to continue this path, to continue to grow, and to move to the team where Francesco Bagnaia has been the World Champion for two years in a row. 

I am happy to be able to take this big step in 2025 and grateful for the trust Ducati has placed in me.” 

– Marc Marquez (MotoGP).

What do you think the next two years’ worth of MotoGP gridwork holds for Marquez?

Ducati’s Scrambler® RR24I, CR24I Concepts Are Not Ready for Markets

Two concept motorcycles from Ducati.
Ducati’s two Scrambler concepts, the RR241 and CR241. Media provided by Ducati.

The Choice Will Ultimately Lie with You Guys.

On May 24th, Ducati Scrambler® revealed two concepts at the Bike Shed MotoShow in London. These bikes – christened the CR24I concept and the Scrambler® RR24I – showcased an homage to the 1960’s with the RR241 playing the part of “rebel adventurer” and the CR241 quenching demand for a sporty, sophisticated café racer. 

Today, we hear from an interview between MCN and Ducati UK’s Managing Director that the concepts might not even enter into production. 

Well… they might. It all depends on how much y’all like the things. 

“Our goal was to reinterpret the Scrambler model by trying to really push it towards a different direction and with it being such a flexible base, it’s perfect for this kind of experiment.

People who grew up dreaming of bikes in the 1960s and 1970s are likely to be attracted by the café racer, but I think it’s also a great option for women. It’s sensual, whereas the RR241 is more masculine. There are two kinds of flavours.

It’s too early to say if either will eventually hit the market, but it’s important to understand what the audience is saying and if there is a strong interest we will keep that in mind.” 

– Fabrizio Cazzoli, Managing Director, Ducati UK (MCN)

IF Ducati decides to make these machines, we’re told the reveal could take as long as two years, but the result will be “built upon the existing technical base of the current Scrambler range.”

For clarity, that translates to a 803cc Desmodue air-cooled V-twin motor, a tubular steel trellis frame and likely implementation of multiple paint schemes. 

Are you keen on seeing Ducati’s Scrambler® RR24I, CR24I concepts at a dealership near you? If so, what price range would be ideal?

*Media sourced from KTM’s press release, BMW, Cardo’s press release,  MotoGP and  Ducati’s press release*