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Watch the World’s Fastest Electric Trike Silently Rage to 236 MPH

Eva Killajoule
Image from Eva Hakansson

That’s Not Even Its Fastest Run

If you want to watch one of the eeriest things you’ve probably seen in a while, check out the 360-degree video of the electric trike below making a run on the Gairdner Salt Flats in Australia. The bike goes from a standstill all the way to 236 mph. Because it’s an electric vehicle, all you hear are some rattles and creaks, some tire noise, and the wind.

The best thing about this video is that 236 mph for this particular electric trike is a cakewalk. The thing holds the current record as the fastest sidecar motorcycle with a speed of 248.746 mph. The top speed, according to Road and Track is a whopping 270.224 mph.

Eva Hakansson built the rocket of a trike herself. She calls it the KillaJoule. It’s a weird three-wheeled machine that has a sidecar-like wheel off to one side and a fully electric powertrain. The bike uses an EVO Electric AFM-240 motor that makes 500 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque. It’s 19 feet long, 38 inches high, and weighs about 1,500 pounds.

What’s so weird about watching the 360-degree video above is the fact that there’s no engine noise. You don’t even hear the electric motors whirring away. It’s just wind noise and the seemingly neverending expanse of the salt flats. It looks downright alien. With that said, it’s also freaking awesome. Hopefully, Hakansson keeps it up, I’d love to see her reach 300 mph sometime in the future, though I’d imagine that’s a ways off.