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VIDEO: Youtuber ‘Cars With Luke’ Dailies Ducati A Hypermotard 950 SP Now!

Cars with Luke‘ a very popular supercar content-driven youtube channel breaks the proverbial motorcycle ice with this new video informing viewers that he has come back to his passion of riding motorcycles and is currently daily-driving this Ducati Hypermotard Demo bike.

He recently sold his Porsche 718 GT4, and is now left without a vehicle to commute on for the following few months until the weather in his area worsens. Moto77 hooked him up with this demo unit Hypermotard 950 SP after he spent a while on a Scrambler to get his riding chops back up as he hasn’t ridden a motorcycle in over five years.

The Ducati HM 950 SP is the crowned jewel of the motard world with its 937cc Testastretta L-twin engine producing 114 horsepower and 71 lb-ft of torque. Although you may think 114 ponies isn’t a lot in 2020 (where bikes frequent the 200hp range) when you pair that with the short wheelbase of the Hypermotard and take into account the extremely high riding position due to the saddle design you’re in a whole world of trouble. I would get a ticket twenty times faster on a bike like this than something like a Panigale. It’s built to have fun and wheelie, and that’s what I’m all about.

It’s great to see Luke getting back into motorcycles. He produces some of the highest quality car-content on the entire platform, so if he does intend to bring us some frequent motorcycle content in the future it would be much appreciated.

If you have some time, go over to this video and let him know how excited you are about seeing some motorcycle content on the channel and perhaps we can collectively shift his regular content outlook and get some new motorcycle content in the future.