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VIDEO: Motorcyclist Magazine Reviews the Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R

The Busa has Still Got it

Adam Waheed Suzuki Hayabusa

Living the Busa Life

Motorcyclist Magazine recently had a chance to get in the saddle of the Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R. Adam Waheed of the magazine does a good MC Commute ride on this machine, showing that despite the bike’s age it still has what it takes to thrill you.

The Hayabusa has been out for seven years in its current form. It’s been pulled from most markets due to its emissions, but it still endures in certain markets. Suzuki lists this machine on its USA and Australian websites, and it likely won’t stay for long. There have been rumors of a Hayabusa replacement, so if you love the Busa, then you should consider getting one before it receives an update. Or, heck, maybe you want to wait.

With this bike being out for so long, there are plenty of them on the used market that you can pick up for very little money. Some have been modified time and time again, but when you find an unmolested one, you’ll have a very nice sportbike to ride. Even if you find one that has been modified, you’ll still have a wild ride.

Waheed goes over what makes this bike special and why it’s still one of the top contenders in the 1000cc-plus category for sportbikes. Check it out below.