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Vicki Golden Sets New Firewall Record at Evel Live 2

Vicki golden Evel Live 2

A New World Record Holder

Vicki Golden becomes the first woman to be the world record holder of the firewall record. She rode her Indian FTR 1200 S through 13 of the firewalls in order to do so. Golden’s record-setting attempt went off without a hitch. She made it look easy.

“Riding is my passion, so to have the opportunity to set a world record while honoring legends like Evel Knievel is incredible. They have set the standard for decades, and I couldn’t be more proud to follow in their footsteps,” she said after she set the record.

The previous record was 12 firewalls. That record was set in 2007, so it was about time that Golden took on the challenge. While noting terrible happened during her attempt, you could see the impacts and the bits of debris clinging to her as she rode. At the end of the run the firefighters and medics check her out, but she seems absolutely fine.

Legendary motorcyclist Travis Pastrana co-hosted the event. He seemed thrilled with the results. “It’s a huge day in two ways: first, Vicki Golden being the first woman to not only attempt but break this record, which had only ever been attempted by male riders before,” Pastrana said “And second, having so many of the greats out here to be a part of this, to pay tribute to the past and show the future.”

In addition to Golden’s record-setting run, Axell Hodges was supposed to have a massive distance jump. Unfortunately, a crash sidelined the rider. Golden’s run was the highlight of the day. You can watch the video below.